Why do not you travel alone?

Travel is a fun activity. We all love to travel. We travel to different places to get away from our determined and busy lives. Everyone is tired of everyday monotone life. We all travel to enjoy and refresh. The journey is indispensable for everyone. It helps reduce tension and people's happiness. People get new experience and knowledge of their journey. Some people like to travel in a group where some people like to travel alone. Traveling to the group provides the feeling of safety and security. You are traveling alone with the feeling of freedom.

We do not usually encounter the problem when we are in urban areas. The problem begins when we start the route. No one can predict when the problem is coming. He comes when he wants to. Problems may vary in places. Travel is unsafe for travel to or may not occur. It is therefore better to take precautions before traveling. We always travel with family, friends, colleges, etc. We can not find a travel partner for all our travels. If traveling with a travel partner is not possible, it is better to travel with a guide or search for other travel companions.

Travel alone can cause various problems, such as:

1. Wild animals can attack us when we travel alone along the dense forest. When traveling with a group or a travel partner, we have less chance of attacking animals. In case we attack, our companion will be there for help. But if we travel alone, there will be no one for help. So it's better to travel with your companion.

2nd Serious health problems may arise, such as acute mountain illness, HACE, HAPE, etc. When traveling at high altitude (when trekking and climbing).

3rd May cause serious injury, which may lead to death.

4th We may be stuck in some dangerous issues.

5th We will lose our way.

6th In some places local rebellions are kidnapped,

7. We can crack, etc.

8th Hospitals may not be available on the off route, low health problems may be fatal. If nobody cares about it.

127 hours of the film (based on the true story of Aron Lee Ralston), which Danny Boyle makes, insists the traveler not to go alone. Aron is the survivor of the winding accident. Utah dropped to the south. His hand stuck in the cliff. Then he tried to get his right hand out, but he did not know. He cut off his right forearm with a dull pocket knife to release it from the cliff. He was trapped for five days and seven o'clock. You should not have cut off your forearm if you went with an escort to the tour. So always let our family and friends know where we are traveling. We always look for a travel partner. This inspirational real story. Everyone needs to be careful.

You can never travel alone.

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