Things to see before traveling to Scotland

Most Scotland visitors probably think you are well-informed about national food and drink. Scotland is the home of Whiskey and Haggis. In fact, they consume a huge amount of enjoyment worldwide on 25 January, to celebrate the birth of another famous Scottish Robert Burns.

If pushed, some visitors can name another Scottish dish, namely the oatmeal. But are they going? How many foreign visitors could say six typically Scottish dishes? We can try to make such answers to many natives, just as much as we consume, so much in general and television marketing has a huge influence on how a Scottish meal would be little different from any other part of the UK, or indeed a lot in North America.

But there are some Scottish flavors that await the most adventurous taste buds if they know where they are found. So the gourmand is looking for a truly ethnic dining experience in Edinburgh, read it.

Let's start with a positive note, the healthiest product in our diet. Oats and barley in Scottish agriculture are traditional grain cultures and greatly affect our food.

Salmon fillet, unpurified, simply ground grit soaked in boiling water and sprinkled with salt. Today, it is so likely to find its hot milk porridge to give a creamier constituency and served with sugar, jumbo, honey or maple syrup.

Oatmeal is another derivative of our agricultural heritage. Chop the oats into small round biscuits with cheese and other delicious flavors. Varieties are abundant depending on how the oats were ground to create rough and smooth textured cakes. Our favorites include Orkney dough cakes. Big and triangular, ideal partner for Orkney cheese.

The Scottish climate requires cold and moist, warm, comfortable meals. The soup corresponds only to a cold, wet day, another Scottish value; the saving. With a wide variety of ingredients and a good amount of water, the meal goes much further.

Scotch Broth is a thick soup thanks to the presence of pearl barley and dried peas. Its main ingredients are the lamb's neck and the selected season of roots, but not potatoes.

Cock-a-Leekie contains leeks and is based on a long slow boil of an old wing until the meat reaches and leaves the carcass.

Haggis The poor little lame described by the Burns is far from Low-Scotia and will most likely be seen by everyone in Edinburgh. Haggis is still in the vicinity of Glen Coe, but most of the things that have been caught are immediately sent abroad where the Parisian lighter cafes serve. " Gigot de Loup ".

Haggis living in Scotland is a much worse pudding, after having been seduced by the addition of minced lamb, onions and oatmeal the real meat and the scarce haggit went further.

These are the ones that would be called rustic diets. They all come from locally available and above all cheap places. These foods are healthy and healthy, so Edinburgh restaurants can be removed from menus.

We're coming over what a call calls Scotland's shame. We love fat and sugar, often together.

One of Scotland's most successful businesses is a retail bakery, Greigs the Bakers. There are branches in the United Kingdom, but they are particularly well represented in Scotland. From the first light until late afternoon Greigs satisfies the nation's hunger for fat, salt and sugar. Comparing Greigs to a French bakery would be like comparing the National Portrait Gallery to a Soho sex shop. Both sell pies, but the comparison is over.

The Scotch Pie has nothing to do with whiskey. It's a sad pale, undergarhized pasta with a filled bottle that is supposed to contain some sheep meat. These pies are hot or cold and can often be stacked in a paper bag. The paper bag is an essential part of the dining experience, as it has to fill some of the saturated fats that run out when the cake is bitten.

To the Scots Bridie has nothing to do with the holiness of marriage. Available from any bakery, this is another form of Scottish pie. In this form, the meat piece is placed in a flaky pastry pack. Available in hot or cold conditions, you must re-request that the paper bag absorbs the flow of fluid flowing.

Haggis Pie was offered in some of the city's bakery. It is a pale pastry that has a haggis layer filled with stuffed carrots and potatoes. The paper bag is again mandatory.

Haggis and chips are available from most fish and chip stores. Here the Scottish ingenuity comes to the fore. Usually, the haggis breaks down when trying to deepen it. So flaked in the flour before baking and dipped in dough. Are you sure you want to know how to serve it? Large paper bag and wrapped in paper.

Are you ready for dessert? Visit the chippie.

It was a nice Scottish mind to discover that a great Mars band could be bitten. Consider the Challenge! Fortunately, this can also be in a paper bag.

Bannock is a big bun made of sweet bread. It has its own texture and is very different from other liquids than Brioche. The original Bannock, one of Victoria's favorite food, is still in Selkirk. Selkirk bannock is a firm, textured bun with dried fruits. It is usually sliced ​​and butter is served.

Black bun is more like a bread than a round. The flour, sugar, mixed fruits, dried shells and spices, including pepper, have a short pinch cooked with cake. We recommend that buns be stored for a few weeks to be soft and mature. Sliced ​​with butter.

The Ecclefechan Tart is a name with which locals can be impressed. Fillet from Ecclefechan Dumfries Village (Lockerby Bottom) with sweet fruits, walnuts and butter in sweet pastry. This is pretty difficult consistency means it was hot or cold, served as a desert. Good ice cream.

A short bread delicious combines butter, flour and, of course, sugar. For cut fingertips, acceptable accompaniment to whiskey.

The tablet is made from compressed milk and lots of sugar confectionery. It was presumably named after the texts given to Jews, and some thought it was heavenly. Widely available. This is Scotland's response to Kendal Mint Cake. Everest expeditions favorite.

Whiskey has no explanation. But we do not know other national drinks abroad.

Barr's Irn Brew is made of beams, so advertising says. Call Irn a light drink for your dang if you dare. This carbonated beverage is also known as the "Dental Friend" as the sugar suspended in amber fluid is surprisingly large. Such drinks have the power that the Coke and Choirs can only admire. Try mixing with your favorite ghost or flush deep fried Mars bar! Available for "oot" for all Chippies, Pizza, Chinese and Indian Takeaways.

So there's the first taste of Scotland. Further ideas on how and where to eat in Edinburgh, please visit our website.


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