Quick Tips for Getting Cruise Vacation

People always ask, "Which round trip should I choose?" Here are some quick tips to help answer your question. Different holiday cruise lines have their own characteristics.

Decide what type of cruise I'm interested in, traditional (assigned seating and time with meals) or freestyle (eat wherever or when you want) or family orientated adult orientated. Then look at the cruise line that specializes in your preference. Of course Disney is family-oriented, but it's also part of the other waterways. Norwegian, Windstar, Princess and Disney cruising lines offer "freestyle" cruises. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Holland America usually offer more traditional cruises. Windstar is more adult oriented.

Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Norwegian Winds and Aloha's pride do not play casinos.

Decide what age you want on your boat . There are tendencies between different cruises. The most common age of Royal Caribbean is 30-50. The Windstar is 35-55 years old. The people on the Princess lines are over 50, and the Netherlands are between 40 and 60. Of course Disney's age is younger. The cruisers of the Crystal cruise line are usually in the 60's. Famous passenger transport between 30 and 55 years and carnival generally falls across the board, up to 35-65.

Decide where you want to go and check which cruise lines are in those places. Of course, there is always a short "no destination" cruise where the boat is the most entertaining. They are popular with entertainment, short or stimulating at the moment of cruises.

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