Let's go – this is a vacation!

It's time again for the great escape that we call a vacation. Some of us here mean that you start a fun week or two, discover many activities and new places; for others here to relax and to have a new relationship with the family. This quality time spent together; without the need to keep up the crazy work, school, piano lessons, baseball practice and running that make our life so crazy and barren! Unfortunately, we need to be ready for this.

In my home I know you're ready, big event! We work all day long and our regular activity pace does not stop just because we are trying to get ready for the holidays. I have every intention to be prepared, but it still seems to change my mind at the last minute. Why did not I take an extra business day to get ready? I need a tour operator, somebody who comes in and just takes care of it. Of course in reality I know that I am a tour operator and many more; I am MOM!

If you feel overwhelmed with the preparation for your vacation, do not worry about help at hand. First, get a cup of coffee, diet coke, or a glass of wine, a note book and a pen; then sit down for a minute and just relax. She closes herself where she does not bother. You are now ready to start creating your list, which will look like this:

FURTHER & # 150; HOME:

1. Disabling emails & # 150; you can do this online, go to usps.com

2. Stop publishing newspaper # 150; can also be online.

3rd Are there any other home services that you have to keep while you're gone? If so, add it to the list.

4th There is a house key for your family or friend. If you take care of plants, pools, pets, or anything else, be sure to write specific instructions on what to do while away.

5th Get emergency information and give it to your family and friends. List the phone numbers where to reach an emergency; if you are flying, include your route information.

FURTHER & # 150; PETS:

1. Order your pet care while you're gone. Call the kennel before time to maintain it.

2nd If someone comes to your house to arrange for pets, make sure you leave enough food and other items you need until you're gone

. Leave the vet's phone number if it can not be reached in an emergency.


1. List the things you need to take with you. Or better, a friend of mine has given me a very useful checklist to "go" according to Snookus which lists what you need. It was great, I handed one to my kids and I was holding it; we just saved the list when we went.

2nd Make sure you need any prescription before you go.

3rd Make sure you have a charger for your mobile phones, Game Boy, and any other electronic device you can carry with you.

4th If you are flying, look at Federal Aviation Administration requirements: number of shipped items, liquid restrictions, weights, and size limits for checked baggage (overpricing charges are startling!). Continue at http://www.faa.gov and go to "Travelers", then click "Preparing for a Flight"; this will give you all the information you need to ensure that they meet and do not delay the additional costs at the airport.

Keep in mind that if you do not go to the campsite in Puszta, anything goes anywhere in the store. So try not to load the package.

Now that you've completed your list, you transfer it; do not try it all alone. The family will most likely be happy to help them just need guidance. You will not be ready for a while. Start the fun!

Happy trip!

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