It is still safe for vacation in the Caribbean

Following the recent killing of the British honeymoon couple on the Caribbean island of Antigua, many people are asking how safe these idyllic paradise-like islands are the millions of visitors who go on vacation every year. Numerous newspapers reporting this horrible event are not surprising that a number of later articles concentrate not only on concentrating on the circumstances of the case, but also focusing on the "perceived problem" of crime, not just through Antigua, but through other islands. Caribbean. But is this popular region of the world as dangerous as in the recent media?

The simple answer is "no". Of course, the Caribbean is not a crime target. Like all the rest of the world, all islands in the Caribbean experience varying degrees of minor crime, such as theft. While some major islands such as Jamaica and Trinidad may experience serious and violent crimes such as rape or murder, these crimes are almost always directed against locals against locals and barely visitors, and these crimes are still reliably rare the many countries where tourists are actually coming from these islands. That is why the latest murder of the Antigua honeymoon couple made such great titles as this was actually a rare and isolated case. Indeed, Antigua's last tourist murder occurred ten years ago.

Nearly 97,000 tourists from the United Kingdom visited Antigua in 2007, and most of these visitors undoubtedly confirm that they did not only have a warm environment, beautiful beaches and friendly hospitality in most of the locals during their stay. The island offers visitors so much and is one of the Caribbean's most popular tourist destinations. In the past two years, Antigua has also won the best wedding and honeymoon destination as it is an attraction for couples looking for exotic and beautiful places for their wedding or honeymoon.

This is also a much cheaper holiday destination now because of its strength pound against the US dollar compared to the euro. Many hotels and resorts offer free weddings for couples for a limited minimum period of time or for couples who wish to book more rooms for their guests. One of the best destinations for a Caribbean vacation at The Inn at English Harbor.

Marriage on the island of Antigua can not be simpler. Couples may arrive on the same day when they arrive on the island if they want to get a local permit from the government office. Weddings in local hotels, resorts or other non-religious facilities such as the 365 beautiful beaches of one of the islands, civil ceremonies by a married official. Couples can marry in many churches in one of the islands. Antigua and other Caribbean weddings are legally recognized in the United Kingdom.

Couples who have previously thought or are planning to visit the Caribbean, especially Antigua Island, for a year-long holiday or wedding or honeymoon should not be let go of recent events. Many other European, Mediterranean and other parts of the Caribbean, a popular resort for the British, are still a much safer destination. and Jolly Beach Resort is an example of these hotels.

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