How to pack a bridesmaid dress for a flight

It's so much about planning a wedding that often the simplest cases can be ignored. One such example is bridesmaids who have to travel to the wedding. What is the best way to pack an official bridesmaid dress when traveling by plane? And how to avoid your clothes in transit? Below you will find some suggestions for appearing in your bridesmaid dress as if you had just left the showroom.

o Wrap your clothes and wrap them in as a sleeping bag in your suitcase. When you arrive at the destination, unplug your clothes and put them down.

o Use dry cleaners, regular clothing bags, or the suit bag that the dressmaker sent abroad to wear to easily carry the bridesmaid's dress. These bags should be designed so that the garments are flipped to the smallest.

o If you need extra confirmation, wrap the bridal dress on a large cotton cloth before placing it in the garment.

weather, take a large industrial trash can to the bottom to prevent the garment from accidentally damp or dirty floors. Do not put the bag in the garment; instead, tuck or sling the garment, dry cleanse, or dress that already contains the garland garment.

o Call the airline ahead of time and ask if there is a way to get a cabin cabinet, suit. It is generally happy to wear a wedding or bridesmaid dress in the first class wardrobe if there is room.

o Consider your dress as the item to pass. Re-check with the airline before time to make sure that the bag with your suit fits into the upper compartment.

o The cloth in a carry case to cling to another way to make sure it is along the way lost and wrinkled. You do not just get to keep up with you to make sure you do not get unnecessarily dirty, stumble upon it, or do not knock it.

When you arrive at the destination, wrap your garment immediately. Smaller wrinkles hang in the bathroom while showering. Steam in the bath helps to relax the material and wrinkles disappear. However, if you still need further assistance, most hotels, cruises and laundry services offer a squeeze at a reasonable price, usually under $ 20.

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