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As the United Kingdom's Operational Director, One World Tours Limited often asks me about my destiny, which I've been to, so I'm trying to give you a good idea of ​​the places I've visited. Here are the most important suggestions for occupying websites during your holiday in Israel.

Like many other fate in the world, Israel is not unique in the many attractions of the desert and the most beautiful sea on the earth, the Dead Sea on the snowy peaks of Hermon Mountain. It takes only a few hours to experience extreme differences.

Israel offers very unique attractions that are suitable for the whole family. Probably Jerusalem's Timeshare, New Eilat Kings City, Mini Israel and the Haganah Museum are just mentioned.

The history of some Israelis has gained the right to be members of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Jerusalem's "golden city" is also known as a place that is very religious and historical. This holy place is located in the mountains of Judea and is the capital of Israel. It is a city that incorporates ancient and modern, sacred and secular and pure natural beauty and fascinating architecture that together create a wonderful experience of the senses.
This wonderful golden limestone and fascinating landscapes is hardly surprising to have acquired the name of the Gold City.

Thanks to the Mediterranean location of Tel Aviv, you can experience the marvelous seaside life, which is not the first thing that is thoughtful when planning a plan for these sacred lands if they know what I mean? For other beaches, the Ashkelon and Caesarea beaches are just as beautiful and offer something new.

The Nazarene is the largest Arab city in Israel where Christians and half Muslims live together harmoniously. It is one of the most important Christian sites in the world, and has therefore become a refuge for Christians and pilgrims worldwide. The stunningly beautiful temples and monasteries are places of peace and peace, even those who are not religious, will not notice it.

Another popular and famous destination for Christians is Galilee, because they believe it is where Jesus spent many lives and performed many miracles.
Galilee is one of the more dense regions, as in spring the valleys became colorful flowers and flowers.
Bethlehem is considered to be the most important Christian site since Jesus Christ was born here and is five and a half miles from Jerusalem. Thousands of Christians have traveled to Bethlehem over the years to deepen their faith.

You do not find anywhere else in the world like a live dead sea. People living in all areas of people and people here recover from natural resources. Taking into account the climate, 330 days a day, and the mineral properties, especially sulfur found here, means it is an ideal place for therapeutic treatments. All this combined with the breathtakingly dry air that purifies the respiratory system adds to the whole experience. The Dead Sea has many famous recognitions that it will be able to nurture in a quiet location with the confidence that you will not throw away its water.

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