Holiday in the Sahara Desert – for all desert lovers

Sahara – this is the name that creates fear and interest. After all, this is not because tourists and archeologists see the emperor of drought. The Sahara Desert and the extremely frightening desert seem to have occupied the collective imagination of mankind since the Pharaoh's reign. It is more than 3,000 miles long, this unbreakable and sometimes unpleasant terrain covers most parts of North Africa, from east to west. Dry landscapes, high temperatures and limited water resources do not hinder tourists and travelers in the magnificent desert realm. Indeed, freedom in the Sahara Desert is compulsory for all desert lovers.

There are few things you did not know

So you decided to go to the most romantic adventure of Sahara's life. But there is much more space than extensive sand dunes. The excavated landscape boasts seasonal water bodies and oasis, rocky plateau and mountains, and unbridled sandy seas. Some parts of this awesome desert never experienced something so-called rain; but it is better to warn them that when rain gods have a rare emotional feeling, they tend to pour. The place can be pitiful, but surely it does not describe its history and culture. The many tales and legends that we will hear in these parts are the things that dreams make up.

What's in the store?

There are plenty, in fact. If you're so envious of the pharaohs flirting in an adventurous way, they can be entertaining. The Sahara Desert offers the perfect starting cushion for many marathon and motorcycle rides. But surely not the dead heart. The accused Marathon-de-Sables is an exhausting 7-day, 145-mile trial, which is the ultimate test of the human spirit. But do not worry about marathon thinking, you can try a lot more. Watch the adventure breaks with camel safari and absorb the sun and the sand. This is the perfect way to find out the rich history of the place. I'm sure the salt is stuffed on the back of the camel and traded for the production of goods, mills and textiles, and they are blessed with wide-eyed impressions. Vacation in the Sahara Desert is incomplete without visiting Matmata, a highly sought-after tourist destination. Do not forget to look at the sandstone rocks and mountains that the insensitive winds of the Djado are generously carved. The holiday will get a fillip, where the citrus trees planted in Tima's picturesque oasis town reside. But if you want to enjoy a simple education, you can take a campsite tour in this goddamn part of the world. You must be an incredibly insightful experience.

The Sahara Desert offers a perfect escape for tourists of all ages. It comes in; we celebrate beauty in all its external manifestations.

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