A short vacation

Summer has gone, but my memories are still behind my mind. The summer break with my family is a moment you can nourish. I remember the smell of fresh air, my laughs and my husband's smile. In the midst of the preparation and the hassle, one day before the trip, everything was worth it. Whoa !!! I'm sentimental here. Anyway, it was a well-spent summer vacation on Camiguin Island. At 11 o'clock, we arrived at Camiguin Harbor and went to Paras Beach Resort where we were.

When we arrived at the resort, people were so kind and welcomed that we felt that we had chosen the right place. In our room, we decided to take only a few minutes to rest and settle before we took our lunch. After lunch, my husband, my son and dad went back to the room while I put my sestythe next to the pool. My husband's voice awoke and asked me to go with her. I'm so excited, because he's prepared for us, and he's just planned for a tour around Camiguin. It was a gloomy day, and the rain started to pour, just to give up the spirit of adventure.

On a motorized horseback riding, enjoying the rain and the attractions near my husband next to me, I feel happy. Everywhere we stop, alternately making pictures of ourselves, it was very fun! Even when we were dry in the rain, we never prevented each other and space. We needed a couple of hours to go back to our hotel with a smile on our face. We were just in time when his son woke up from his sleeping place, so we caught the shower right away and played with him in the room as the rain was harder.

Early in the morning, my husband rented a ship to take us to the White Island. It was only a minute from the resort where we stayed. When we got there, he was already full of people who were in their vacations. I noticed that everyone enjoyed the shore on the beach, some of them jet-ski, others surfing, and some just enjoyed the beach and they were attracted to their friends and others were paragliding! What a fun sight it was! My son, who is too fond of taking water in the water, asked me to change him to his pants. My husband and I were so enthusiastic about the water and the surrounding area to take a picture of the place and both enjoyed the sand and the water with our son. Though it was only for a short holiday and we could not go to Camiguin's other tourist spots, it was a holiday we should mention!

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