Writing Travel Magazine – Finding Your Voice

Travel journals have changed widely, from dry statements, depending on what happened when – a bit more than a route – wildly entertaining vocabulary that delivers the reader to distant places. The latter offer impressive insights and can be fairly appreciated by their owners. But what makes a great travel journal and how do you write one? Practice and experience can help you get started.

When writing your travel log, consider who is writing. If this is a private record that you only see, you will probably use a very different style than if you allow the journal to be read by others.

Think of all of your senses – what you see, hear, feel. They should be descriptive – "the honey-colored stone of the chapel's walls suppressed in the repressive morning heat" describes a moment and a feeling that "today was very warm when we visited the chapel." The first sentence exacerbates the essence of the place, and the reader can feel the feeling of warmth and the color and age of the walls of the chapel.

Try what you write aloud – sounds vibrant and interesting, thoughtful and confusing? If you can read a voice, you can identify whether your writing is in your voice and if it works. You may also be forced to write extra memory.

I find that it's best to keep the travel journal pocket-sized, so I can easily take the journal with you and make short notes when you're inspired by coffee or something.

It is often useful to capture practical notes after the trip is completed and describe descriptive texts. I often remember how much the cost or the peculiarities of transport routes and methods. These issues are quickly forgotten (at least for me!), So a note about the ballpoint pen helps in this regard.

When using the memory manager, the camera is simply not possible during the note. Keeping this useful goal in mind sets special memory trigger photos and artistic travel photos. For example, shooting a menu or street map marker may be a great help if you do not write down the journal immediately.

Whatever the style you use in your travel journal, if you have a lot of personalities, you will certainly be a more colorful and interesting disk. I'll leave you a short checklist to help you find your own voice and find the travel journal meaningful.

Things To Collect (Envelope Use or Glue Enhancement):

  • cost and itinerary information
  • cut out articles (hotel, restaurant, tickets)


  • Are you good, bad, nasty, beautiful places?
  • Let yourself be absorbed in your imagination, immerse your thoughts and feel or remember the atmosphere, and then try writing the short poem of place and impressions
  • What practical and pragmatic points were there?

Entering journal entries for words and phrases:

  • he liked – why he did not like it – why he smelled
  • his smell
  • he
  • heard
  • silent
  • new
  • Difference
  • emotions – and why
  • people's weather and light quality
  • people
  • unknown
  • the same but different

In this article I explained why it is important to write your personality in your travel journal and reveal examples and ways. Finally, in travel journals, writing is neither correct nor bad, but there is a way that is as unique as you are.

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