Writing a Tour – 4 Ways to Make Money Travel Writer

Did you ever travel to the world and earn money on what you see? It's not as difficult as imagining. With some underground technology, lifelong income can be counted for the world's travel!

Here's the Way to Make Money as a Travel Writer:

1) Traditional Method: Selling Stories for Travel Magazines and Newspapers

This is the most common and most respected method. Ironically, the least expensive methods are also paid.

You can add two articles when you sell your article to a magazine. First, you can inquire about a magazine's interest in a certain topic. If you are interested, you agree to purchase the article if it meets the standards. The second method is writing the article and then trying to sell it.

Find new books and journals that buy travel articles, go to the library, and watch the latest writing market, and have over a dozen magazines available anywhere from a few hundred dollars a few thousand dollars to an article

The risky site, that there is no payment guarantee, and either you are a great story or great writer to do this job. It's not impossible, it's just hard.

2) Writing Other People's Blogs

If you can write 400 to 1,500 oral entries for any topic, you can post your post at a price that's right for you. That's why: Blogs need new content. So they stay fresh with their readers and stay in the right place in search engines.

However, a new post is a difficult task a few days a day! Taking this task to the blog owner, TON saves time and energy, giving them great value and generating revenue for a project that is relatively easy to complete. 19659002] You can pay $ 20 for a few hundred dollars for this type of writing … and it's easier to do this article for a magazine.

Think about it: you spend 5 days writing articles and selling the articles for $ 30. Now you pay $ 150 for a couple of hours, and everyone is happy.

3) Writing Your Own Blogger

Another option is to write your own blog and use your travel stories to control traffic. You would be surprised by the boring, lifeless people who would like to live through a person traveling through the world. Then you can earn money on your blog by selling a salesperson or blogging site. This seems to be low, but it cost thousands of dollars a year, and even $ 100,000.

4) Completion of write projects on "Project" pages

days for publishing Elance, Guru, DoMyStuff and other "project" websites.

All you have to do is set up a free account as content provider and then answer people's written project applications. Once completed, your funds will be deposited electronically on your bank account and withdraw money at any time from any ATM in the world. Then you can select another project … or you can finish more projects simultaneously!

Many projects cost $ 1000, so they do not do much to travel and travel often. You can even take the airplane route to the next destination

If you have any writing skills you choose one of these methods and be a well-paid traveler.

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