World Travel $ 1000 a month or less

"I was not everywhere but on my list." – Susan Sontag

Do you think it's expensive to travel? Have you ever been excited about the glittering brochure of a dream vacation just to discover that you will pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a 10-day vacation?

If that happened to you, I understand. I would also dream of traveling around the world, but I felt impatient when I saw the expensive price tags I put on my trip.

But I found out that the trip is NOT expensive. You see, travel agencies want to believe they spend a lot of money traveling. So you can get the prices of the tours to get you bigger commission. They want you to think that you need money, you need a lot of money to be able to travel.

This kind of thinking does not help most of us. It reaches our dreams.

The fact that most people do not realize that world travel can be cheaper. In fact, it is cheaper, much cheaper than staying at home.

Surprisingly, travel agencies are trying to sell the trip. They try to pay for things they can do with everything. They do not want you to know this, but …

I do not need you.

What do people do when they travel anyway? They get a place to sleep, eat, transport transportation systems and spend money on entertainment and some other things like laundry, clothes and souvenirs.

What are you doing at home? You pay the rent, buy your food (and sometimes drink it), drive or use the bus and spend money on entertainment and some other things like cable and utilities.

Travel costs are really as rotten as at home; the big difference is that you see and do a lot of different things.

Let me ask you: If I would like to offer you a place to stay in your homes, choose food and entertainment, and a strictly scheduled shuttle bus with you wherever you go and when and only $ 10,000 a month in the BASIC package, do you accept it?

You just do not accept it, but you


Why do travelers consistently follow this very-the same thing? Why are travel agencies paying money for the things they can do on their own, are much cheaper and provide much more freedom and flexibility?

World travel is by no means expensive if you know how to do it. The world can make $ 1,000 a month; it's just $ 33 a day.

How much do you spend at home for a normal day?

Here is an example of one-month average monthly spending in the United States (this is a modest estimate):

Rent: $ 800 per month

Food: $ 300

Transportation (gas, insurance): $ 400

Entertainment: $ 300

Entertainment: $ 300

Various (Phone, Internet, Power, Water, Cable) $ 400

Total: $ 2,500

We now sum up monthly travel expenses how to do it:

Hotels: $ 300

Shipping: $ 300

Utilities: $ 0.00

Entertainment / Venue: $ 200

(Internet cafes, souvenirs, : $ 50

Total: $ 1000

Have a day to day break:

Hotel: $ 10

Food: $ 5

: $ 10

View Entertainment / Site: $ 6.67 [19659002] Other: $ 1.67

Daily Amount: $ 33.34 USD

World Travel Cost ge less than staying at home, and offers a lot more freedom.

I'm sure I think I can hardly estimate travel costs. But in fact, the above costs can be much cheaper.

Did you know that in some countries you can book a three-star hotel for $ 10? Or to get comfortable accommodation as low as $ 0.50 and $ 6.00 per night? Do you know the tens of thousands of people around the world inviting passengers to stay at home – for free?

What about the food? The total buffets are $ 0.50. Soup, main course, soda and dessert can be $ 1.50. Some companies will still be paying you to eat in their restaurant!

Delivery? How about taxis to go anywhere in town for $ 2? Inter-national buses between $ 20 and $ 50. Or international flights with 80% discount?

By balancing travels with expensive countries and cheap countries, your average travel costs can only be $ 1000 per month.

Do not forget that people are actually living in countries that are strangers. In some countries, average monthly wages are only $ 150, but enough to live.

If you do not pay months and thousands of dollars a month to where they are, why should they?

In many places, if you spend only $ 1 a fortnight, living away as a sufferer, you're living as a king.

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