Why and When Choose Freelance Agencies?

Before I leave, I wish you a very happy New Year 2018.

Against Freelance Agencies? "We've always been skeptical of this, and frankly, this is the most popular question last year. That is why this post inspired the conversations I had with my potential partners / clients over the months.

I definitely try to show it objectively on the website and mobile development and the digital marketing industry.

First of all, before you decide anything, you have to ask yourself some questions about the project.

  1. What is my budget?
  2. How complicated is my project?
  3. How much time does a week have to monitor project status?

If the answers to the above questions are LIMITED / NORMAL budget, SIMPLE / MODERATE Complex and less than 12 Hrs./week. You probably have to go freelance.



However, this is subjective, usually freelancers do not have any senior management as a professional agency. You just do not pay. h. the freelance is working on your project. When it comes to an agency, it will obviously pay much more, but it's "expensive" to say.


Freelancers are especially talented in a particular profession and have direct contact with freelance language. You can explain them exactly what you want in a comfortable time as most freelance riders are flexible. Where the Agency Is There There is no "I" in the Team so you will never talk about the project person / team. It must be communicated via the A / C manager / customer service manager.

However, you need to make sure you validate the following steps:

  1. Freelance Communication Skills
  2. Freelance Experience on Specific Technologies and Past Work
  3. Reference Verification with an Existing / Former Customer

At least 12 hrs./week:

Usually freelancers are flexible, freelancers are able to build their schedule around their needs and priorities, including traveling to their office and normal working hours. On the other hand, most agencies have their own hours of work, and sometimes they can be very uncomfortable for customers, which means that planning is needed before the meetings. If you have much less time to check the status of your project, freelancers are probably the best solution for you to receive regular updates at the right time.

However, you need to make sure that you follow these steps: 19659002]

  1. Frequency of project upgrade
  2. Reference verification with an existing / former client

"Yes, true you get what you pay " It's a serious thing I do not take this idiom crazy agencies are using it to try to prove themselves.The extra payment does not guarantee project quality but if you keep your ear on the project and pay it, which is worth it, that's more than enough for the project to succeed in quality If you are busy or not at all you can better hire a consultant to validate the project status.

However, please be sure to check the following:

  1. Freelance offers at least 6 months of free support.
  2. Basic Site SEO Requirements Are In effect
  3. Reference Verification with an Existing / Former Customer

Conclusion: "Why and When Choose Freelancers Above Agencies?" A freelancer is the best option but if any agency has the same cost, flexibility and provide you with support, you are free to apply the above list to them.

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