Where is the best place to vacation in Ontario?

There are so many interesting and beautiful places in the world, so visit Canada.

Well here in Ontario there is something called the Bruce Peninsula. It's a wonderful continent stretching between Georgian Bay and Huron Lake. In this little piece of earth you will find some remarkable things to see and do.

Even before he gets to the peninsula, he's in Blue Mountain in Collingwood. It's a wonderful place where there is plenty of opportunity for kids to admire and visit and a great place to re-create with children and see the world. Also in Collingwood you will find Scenic Caves, Rock Climbing, Zip Wires and more.

Sauble Beach is just west of Collingwood, just off Owen Sound. Be sure to visit at least one day from the road.

From here, we continue up the peninsula towards Wiarton and meet with the famous Wiarton Willie, we know we all look forward to meeting every February 2. And finally we get to Tobermory. Here is the Chechemaun ferry, which is a "big canoe". He drives the car and carries all the family, car, and everything to the beautiful Manitoulin Island.

In Tobermory you can also take a glass bottom boat tour and see the shipwreck of the Huron Lake and the Gulf of Mexico.

You see, on the Bruce Peninsula, you have to make it hard to talk.

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