Wheelchair Travel – Guide for Traveling by Air to Wheelchair Users

A flight wheelchair is available for all major airlines so you can book your trip online. This allows you to reach the best price. During the payment part of the payment is required for special assistance. Be sure to let them know you are on a bicycle while booking a flight. It's good to follow a phone call, but the airline usually calls. You can then ask questions about the boarding procedure for a wheelchair.

When choosing a wheelchair airline, check available seats. Flying is much easier when you are close to the front of the aircraft so you do not have to go far in the corridor. The first class is more comfortable than a coach, especially for wheelchair users, but it is approx. $ 1,500 / boulevard in the US, not much value. You often get a lot on the first class flight if you buy a ticket and make an early check. If there is no first-class ticket sold, you have offered an upgrade for a small amount.

If you plan to fly with an escort, check out American Airlines. The M80 aircraft fly with two sides on one side of the corridor and the other three sides. This allows you to sit alone with your companions and do not worry that someone else places the places.

When entering a wheelchair flight, the airline's staff will assist you at the meeting using a corridor chair. Particularly suited to narrow corridors. Usually there is a room for storing a folding wheelchair in the closet, but otherwise it will be checked and available when it arrives at the destination. Electric wheelchairs should be checked with luggage and have non-spilled batteries. Otherwise, they can not be on the machine at all.

There are other things to consider when you are on a wheelchair. You will first leave when you leave and leave your destination for the last time. There may be no help in the flight unless you are on a wide-body airplane. Be sure to use the place of residence at the terminal before you start to make the wheelchair more comfortable.

Getting the first airline trip is an adventure. This is the fastest route for long-distance travel. Foresightedly, wheelchair flying can be made pleasant.

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