What's the difference between a travel agent and a tour operator?

Travel agents and tour operators are usually two separate service providers who handle different parts of the journey, not always exclusive, but the difference lies in the service they provide.

From the point of view of consumers the big change Since 1992, the person who offers travel services is responsible for their stake and their expected profits. This is a great development for the consumer side, as responsible financial responsibility is shared with all responsible parties.

Tour operators provide much more detailed services that they require every little while during a visit. Not necessarily a huge difference, but both parties are in different situations, in case of any responsibility, etc. Because travel agencies do not have a huge share of the entire trip as they are just one step for their services. Dissatisfaction or problem arise that they may not face huge litigation as they are not the primary sellers.

The main difference is that the scope. Travel agencies provide the services they provide, unless they are asked to handle other things, between airlines and travelers. It is expected that travel agents usually do business in their own office and do not have bets on the operation of the tours or are not related to the actual facilities and services.

The difference between the agent and the tour operator also shows how they pay. Agents receive commissions for their services for the usual things, such as flight tickets, and so on. Agent bonds are often very small compared to comparable.

Both the tour operator and the travel agency's services are fundamentally linked to each other, so some organizations start both activities. However, this is rarely the case since the tasks of tour operators are enormous compared to Travel Agent.

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