What to pack for travel?

This is what I consider important as a travel / backpacker. These are elements that I have traveled in the past and have served me well.


The first obvious thing is that every traveler can choose to use a backpack or suitcase. During my first independent travel experience in South-South Asia, Korea, and Japan, I traveled with my backpack. At less than 50 I bought a 55-inch Eurohike backpack with rain cover, which was useful during the monsoon season! It was open on top of the package and did not really offer security. There I bought a special backpack that made the rucksack and made it safe from theft, but made it safe from airport conveyors as well. I heard that airplane conveyors sometimes interrupted clips of rucksacks if they were not properly secured and that some airlines did not even want a rucksack on their airplanes because they were considered a security threat. Actually, I lost my backpack during my travels and packed my backpack into black bags and ribbons in order to prevent the clips from getting off the airport conveyor belts. The backpack was comfortable with a very nice padded pillow. At the same time, I realized how my journey went on, that the package was a little too big. I have read on many different websites that the smaller and lighter package, the more convenient it will be for your trip. This is so true. It's not just about how easy it is for you, but also for practical reasons like traveling on crowded trains and floors, with huge cabinets on your back. The rucksack was incredibly annoying when traveling on busy underpasses, as I did not know how well and how difficult I was to encounter people – but I'm sure I was definitely! It was great, however, that my hand was free to release the tickets and carry bags and water bottles.


On my second trip to Japan, I decided to take my backpack and travel with a medium sized suitcase. I traveled for 3 weeks and planned to go a little in the country. At the end of the trip I was worried about the condition of the suitcases, but overall I liked the comfort of the beautiful suitcase. The suitcase uses his arm but gives his back. From time to time I discovered that the backpack is too difficult and cumbersome for longer walks; the suitcase provides a pleasant experience at the same time. Try to find the hotel in Bangkok's damp and busy surroundings with your gigantic backpack, not a pleasant experience. Although staging on the stairs is a pain in the suitcase, but with a backpack. This may be important to you, as the Japanese city (and many other Asian cities) can go through the subway system and sometimes have strict stairs to the platforms. The ultimate decision is that the suitcase looks as if it is better and more professional; the backpack can easily be identified as a traveler or a tourist, and even more revealing. If I went into my backpack for a nice hotel, I would not have given the same service as if I were traveling with a suitcase. I think that backpackers give some bad names in some countries, as backpackers are usually younger, who are more inclined to behave after they leave some steam after the university finishes.


You do not want to take your suitcase or backpack with your daily walk or excursions, so you need a comfortable daily newspaper. I actually bought a shoulder bag because it looked more stylish than a little backpack. But it should be noted that the shoulder bag can cause some irritating neck and shoulder pain when packing large water bottles or souvenirs. In this case, a nice mini backpack is better because it evenly moves the weight on the back and shoulders.

Travel Insurance

I always travel insurance because you never know what can happen during your trip. It's always better to be safer than I'm sorry. Medical assistance can cost thousands of dollars abroad if you do not have adequate insurance, so always read the insurance policy correctly. When I look for insurance, I always go to comparative sites such as moneysupermarket.com. So you can compare all insurance companies and their relative policy.


Skype is a free service that allows you to call anyone in the world (who also has a Skype account) for free. The service is completely free when using Skype Skype and prices are competitive if you want to call mobile phones or landline calls. You can use Skype on iPod Touch, on an actual Skype phone, or on your laptop. If you buy a laptop from abroad, you can even use a webcam for video calls, but if you do not buy a laptop, I've found that many Internet cafes have already installed Skype on your computer in Asia. Skype allows instant messaging, games and file transfers. All in all, Skype is a great tool to use when traveling.

First Aid Box

I like to buy a mini first aid kit when I travel. The boxes are very nice and comfortable in size with all you need for travel. The elements may include plaster, antiseptic creams, insect repellent materials and various tablets for frequent travel illnesses.


I'm not gonna talk about dresses long, because I think it's a personal choice and depends on the needs of different people. However, I say that you always have to pack light and think that you really need a piece of clothing. Sometimes in the overpacking I put too many clothes in that case. Traveling in Asia you can always buy cheap clothing so there is no need for packaging. The minimum I will travel for a month: 3-4 shirts, 2 shirts, pants, two shorts, pants, 2 pairs of socks, trainers / shoes (I bought some that seem formal but as comfortable as a training shoe).

Travel Washer

I take a small trip along the excursions if I do not have enough space to dry my clothes. If you pack light, just wash your clothes more often, and sometimes you need extra space for a washing line.

Travel Sink Plug

This was occasionally used when I was a host. Some cheap accommodations will not have a sink, which makes it difficult to shave. A travel plug is recommended when considering the cost of a cheap accommodation. Also, some of the higher category hotels have bad plugs in the bathrooms, so they usually have a good battery.

Toilets Articles

As a dandy backpacker, there are a wide toilets. My toilets consist of shavers, moisturizing creams, sunscreen creams, nail clippers, eyebrow clips, after-sales service (which you are willing to buy without airport), lip balm, deodorants and so on!

Rain Mac

If you are traveling anywhere where there is a monsoon season, rain is a good idea. Monsoon rain is awesome and can only surprise you and overwhelm you. A small rain cat can be tiny to small size and easily portable in the living room.

Swiss Army Knife

Sometimes I use it during my travels as there are a number of useful tools: a bottle opener, scissors, toothpicks, tweezers, screwdrivers and a number of shapes and sizes.

Travel Towel

I suggest you take a great travel towel. They can be incredibly small in size and take up very little space in their package. They dry faster than ordinary towels.


I really do not know much about cameras, but I definitely know you'll need it for travel. This is a way of capturing experiences that are not otherwise possible. I just bought an 8-megapixel camera in Bangkok – well served.


You will need these cameras, so be sure to include enough spare parts from your country, which are usually cheaper than abroad.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is now a necessary tool in all areas of life and is very important during travel. It's a great tool to keep in touch with other travelers, but it's also a security tool if you're lost or in danger. Do not forget to take the charger or become unusable in a few days.

Backup Sim Card

If you just lose the first Sim card, you simply buy another Sim, which is usually free.

Backup Debit / Credit Card

There was a security card if I lost my main card. If I lost my main card, I can only resign and transfer money from my account to my security account via the internet banking service.

Pen and Paper

Sometimes things need to be described, such as instructions or relationships, and a pen and paper can be very useful. I always went to the living room with a mini pen and small notepad so it was easy to get there. You can always use your mobile phone or iPod Touch.

Travel Adapters

Travel Adapters are required if you want to charge your iPod or mobile phone. If you know where you are going, you will find out what conversion plug you will need. This will save you if you need to search the destination country. Some plugs flood everything and cover them everywhere.

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch was previously irreplaceable during my travels. It is not just watching movies, listening to music, and playing games when waiting for flying or long train trips, but also for practical use. By downloading free applications with Wi-Fi capabilities, iPod Touch can be connected to a hotel or hostel search, money exchange service, travel guide, and more. I bought a special, inexpensive headset and microphone set for Touch, which made it possible for me to use Skype, wherever there was free Wi-Fi. Actually, you can find free Wi-Fi anywhere in Southeast Asia: McDonald's, Starbucks, shopping malls, hotels, and airports. Surprisingly, we have found that Wi-Fi access in Korea or Japan will not be found and will not be offered free if offered.


I do not attach one of these but it just seems to be a big iPod Touch. Thanks to all the comforts of the iPod Touch that anyone can easily take with any device, they will be lost on this device. But maybe I miss something about it.

Travel Guides

I love reading travel guides and always bring my travels. Favorite travel books were always DK Eyewitness Travel Guides. I regularly use the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Thailand, Japan and Rome to name a few. I found them incredibly useful, but most importantly, I loved the culture and the historical places. The guides are wonderfully illustrated, easy to navigate, and images and subtitles are beautifully presented. In addition, historical sections are informative, well-illustrated, and enjoyable. I would also suggest Rough Guides and Lonely Planet, which I used in the past.

Money Belt

I originally bought a piece to hide my valuables, but then I used to hold the bus / train ticket or tiny change so it could be easily accessed and did not have to be noise or pocket. The purse can only be used as a standard bag (fanpack if American), without precious items and only on the display instead of clothing. I used it as an extra comfortable pocket.

I hope the list of basic backpacks is informative and useful. For more information on packaging and packaging, I recommend this website: onebag.com. Also visit my website: http://www.luxurybackpacking.com/ about the backpack, about independent travel and travel.

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