What to pack for Caribbean travel

Are you fighting what you can do about cruising on a cruise ship? Here are some things I learned about packing for a cruise. I hope the information is useful. Of course, each of us has our own preference about what we need and want for a cruise vacation. I personally like to pack light so I do not have to handle too many packages.

I'm thinking of packing a triple and I'm up or down depending on the item (one-week cruise). For example, I can pack three pairs of shorts and three tees and three swimsuits. Increase the amount of shorts and shirts if you want to spend more time than swimming or sunbathing and reducing the swimsuit. Or vice versa.

This works on clothes too. Pack an official dress, a sundress, and sometimes wearing a skirt with different peaks. You can set this up or down if you want. For men, this is a suit, a long pants, and a push-button shirt. Now you are ready for fabulous dinners.

Think about what to wear in colder weather. Want to pack a light sweater or coat and possibly a packed raincoat.

Water shoes or water boots are useful for those beaches that have rocky or many coral. Of course, do not forget the sunscreen, it will be expensive if you have to buy it. It includes sunglasses, a bag on the beach or for shopping and after sunbathing. A special overturn or two is very good.

Remember your prescription drugs ; pack them on the carry. You may also be able to include the drugs of sea sickness. You can buy it on the cruise ship or at the inn if you need it. In general I also pack anti-diarrheal medicines and anti-inflammatory drugs. Make sure they are right for you and your medical condition.

Further thoughts are small binoculars for watching whales or dolphins. You may want to play a cassette player, MP3 player or ipod on the beach or to chase it in the ship. I like to buy a small book for everyday reading. Do not forget your passport or other important documents. Some people love a special small package that can be used to bring them all.

Cruise ships buy occasional clothes, bathing suits, sunscreen, souvenirs, and other items from shops. You usually pay a bit, but shopping can be fun. I'm trying to plan to have a little extra space in my luggage for the items I buy to buy to get home.

If you decide that Shore Excursions would like you to pre-order, you can decide whether other items should be taken. Most positive and entertaining attitude is spent! You will enjoy a great vacation on your boat. The Cruise Line will do its utmost to make this your best vacation ever.

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