What to Expect When a Disney World Feast

Walt Disney World is a dream vacation home, especially if you have a baby. Where else can you discover a pirate ship, your favorite cartoons, lunch in a shadow of a castle, or you can go to a 1950 movie? If you've never been to Walt Disney World before, it's probably a bit overwhelmed with design. Here are some things you can expect when you first visit the parks.

People, people everywhere

Walt Disney World is crowded, especially during summer, spring and Christmas. You will be totally strangers when you visit the parks. The good news is that Disney has taken many steps to control the masses. The Fast Pass system allows park guests to avoid long lines in some of the parks. the most popular attractions. For example, if you want to ride Thunder Mountain, but you do not want to wait two hours, you can get a Fast Pass ticket, discover the rest of the park, and then come back in two hours to reach the roller coaster. You waited two hours, but you were having fun while waiting for you instead of standing in the cue.

What you find in the magical kingdom

Walt Disney World consists of four main parks. One of them thinks of the resort area as Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is a park where the iconic mansion is the central point. It is divided into eight themes: Adventureland, Freedom Square, Main Street USA, Mickey's Toontown Fair, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Each has a sights of tours and shows that are on the subject, and most of the attractions are based on Disney movies. This park is one of the most child friendly and is full of Disney characters that children can interact with. Although kids love, adults can enjoy a lot of magic in Magic Kingdom.

What You Get in Epcot

Epc is the second park that most people think of while visiting Disney World. It is divided into two worlds, the Future World and the World Showcase. The Future World has several buildings where you can interact with science-related attractions, tours, and presentations. World Exposition allows you to reproduce landmarks from 11 different countries. People in the World Showcase actually come from the countries they represent.

What You'll find in MGM Studios

Disney MGM Studios is a movie theme park. Here you can move around with the movie set, see the shots of the most beautiful movies and watch how Disney cartoons are made. Many live stunt and special effects show that it is exciting for all ages.

What you find in the Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is a Disney park combining the zoo and the fun park with a destination. There are many live animals in the park as well as typical tours and attractions. One of the roads, the Kilimanjaro Safaris, runs through all habitats in Africa.

Surrounded by Themes

No matter where you travel in Disney World, it surrounds itself with fantastic themes. The water parks tell a story. Each hotel has a theme to rent from the hall to the pool and to the room. Even cue lines are telling a story while waiting in line. When you discover the parks, make sure you look for "Hidden Winnie Pooh". There are some of these attractions. Hidden Pooh is the silhouette of Mickey Mouse that appears unexpectedly. For example, Winnie the Pooh riding the Magic Kingdom, there is a hidden Mickey made drop of honey in the Pooh pot. You can take an excursion to try to spot these Hidden Poohs, so have fun!

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