What to do with your Etsy shop when you go on vacation

Vacation or inventory control is always a cause for concern from Etsy. Do not worry, as here are some useful tips to decide what to do with your store as long as you are away.

Etsy offers a convenient "vacation" option that allows Etsy sellers to store their store at the touch of a button. This is an "official hold" with no listings in either the store or the category. There is a section where you can list a "vacation announcement" to explain your situation to your customers, for example. freedom, will soon be reopened; inventory, etc.

This option comes with "auto answer" to conversations, where you can enter a special message and allow potential customers to subscribe to receive email when the store is reopened.

Etsy suggests this when "staying longer". So what would be the trouble to leave your shop open during your vacation? What's the Longest Time? You should consider the benefits and disadvantages and decide what best suits your store.

Solution I recently bought from a vendor who opened his shop and after two and a half weeks was labeled "my bucket". I originally found the item in a search, and I immediately bought it because it was a great price. I received a thank you purchase confirmation message, but after two and a half weeks I was worried. It only took me until I checked the shop, just because I received a message for a month because it was not in the city. This included the date when the items were delivered, but there was no purchase confirmation note. I probably would not have bought it because it was a gift, and very frankly, for such a long time, the seller really has to keep up his shop. Needless to say as a buyer, I had to read the advertising area and after seeing that the seller really loved and received a great feedback, he was okay with him. A new customer or someone new to Etsy may not understand, so you should take this into consideration to encourage duplication of business and do not frustrate anyone who buys directly from Etsy search.

If a seller who is flying once a week and this is clearly stated in the announcement and the decision to spend only a few days on vacation, then there is no point in going to the holiday resort. Submit the items when they arrive and update your report to reflect the next delivery date.

If Etsy, who has been delivering the same once a week for a vacation for two weeks, will only have to shop for the first week, then resume it for a week, so when you return the next day you can sail on your item, . Notification of purchase will help.

If you're on the same one-time delivery for your Search and you're on a one-month trip, it's recommended that your store be on vacation for at least the first three weeks and will re-open essentially on the schedule for that week.

If you decide to open the store for a week or two for a week or more, there is a risk of alienating new customers who are upset, so they have to wait a long time for the boat, so I suggest using the vacation completely or midway during your vacation.

If you choose not to use this advice and leave the store for any vacation, it does not hurt to create a special "eye-catching banner" that informs customers of the next delivery date. Also, change the "purchase confirmation" (thank you message) that will be available to customers when you buy them and will include the next delivery date. Be sure to make this clear in the announcement.

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