What to do when on holiday in Prague?

Many people are now on vacation in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, to take over a rich history of more than 1000 years. The so-called "hundred spine" city & # 39; and many local people claim that God's hand protected these magnificent buildings during the devastating bombings of the Second World War.

The city is a blend of Roman, Gothic and Baroque architecture that leaves a lasting impression on the minds of tourists who are flocking in this magical city each year.

It is said that defenestration (projection of people from windows) was the main form of punishment in Prague. However, tourists are looking forward to a relaxed holiday, as Prague is a welcome guest.

This welcoming atmosphere is presented at the annual Prague Spring Music Festival, which is held in May and June. Tourists are encouraged to participate in daily events, and many return year after year to this event.

The most adventurous visitors rise to the top of Prague Castle, offering fantastic views of the city. It's as if we are going back to a time frame, because most of the city has survived from modern development and peace and tranquility are helping tourists to imagine what life they should feel like each year ago.

It is said that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and this is especially true in the winter months when the city is glowing with snow.

The beautiful streets are full of bars and restaurants with cheap local beer and food. The locals mix with the tourists to feel themselves and desire. Many people say that they like to sit near the small bar beside the Vltava River.

On the left bank of the river lies the Hradcany, a rocky exploration where the castle is proudly on top. The Charles Bridge connects Stare Mesto, which is called the old town and contains some wonderful architectural pearls.

A hint for tourists is that there are two numbers in each building, blue on the street and red on the district where it is. Thus, buying a guide map is almost unlikely to be lost in Prague.

During the Prague visit, most tourists visit the Karluv Bridge. This bridge was built in the Middle Ages and is drawn towers at both ends to protect it. It crosses the Vltava river and connects the old town with Mala Strana. Other popular destinations are St. Nicholas Church, which is in the middle of Strana Square, the Prague Castle, the Old Town Square and the Wenceslas Square.

No matter what time of year you want to visit Prague, you will receive a warm welcome. It is a friendly town filled with impressive architecture and friendly people with many cheap places to dine and eat. From cheaper rooms to expensive, stunning, decorated suites, this hotel offers a variety of accommodation options.

No wonder Prague is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe for cottages resort cottages.

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