What is Astral Travel?

Astral Travel is a matter of getting a lot of questions without people knowing what it is. There are a lot of people who send me an email and ask them to dream and have a black mass or cloud. Something that blocks them or is paralyzed and they can not scream or move. Here are the most common frightening events when dreaming or sleeping:

1) Some black masses or clouds are present. Something or someone is dark in the room.

2) Can not move, shout or silence.

3) They feel strong on the chest as if they were in weight. Or they feel like they're going to keep them.

4) It feels like someone shakes the bed or them.

This is the result of astral travel when the ghost leaves your body for a short while while sleeping. It's weird and just as frightening, though everybody is three times a week on average. You are always connected to your body so you will not get lost! People usually do not remember this, so it's usually not a problem. When you wake up when you exit or enter your organization, that is the case. I personally do not like it at all and I have a great desire to wake up at this time, especially when it comes to sunbathing.

So much so that I stopped snooping. Once I was an astral journey early in the morning, my house was outside. We lived about 7 hectares and was in the field and thought about what I was doing here? It was not under freezing, because it was winter, so the next thought was why I was not cold? We left and noticed that approx. I lay down from the ground at a height of 3 meters and immediately knew that I was an astral journey. I looked back at the house and the sun turned up so it would have been better to go back to my room because I knew I was going to wake up soon and hate when I wake up. I felt that I was startled for some time and I was a little bit interrupted. So I went back to the house and thought I was scaring my dogs. I know this is strange and a little insignificant, but the ghosts will always be seen and frowned so I want to see if they see it. I went into the garage and right up to my dog, Vixen, and said, "Hi Vixen," he lifted his head and looked at me. Then I realized she saw me, and because she knew her, she was not afraid. I'm going to my room and floating over my bed for a second, then woke up. Now most people do not keep that much memory when they travel astral. One of the decent things we can do is to visit another lucky man.

When you dreamed when you visit or see a loved one, you will not recognize it or remember it, but it feels incredibly real. This usually visits them or from you to the other side. That's why you feel so real. My daughter did a little bit with a grandmother who passed when she was small. He woke up and said, "Mama visited my grandma yesterday." Then we talked about what they were visiting, he thought it was fun.

So if you ever have a dream to fly in the air like Superman, have fun with her. If you have a problem with the things listed, ask God to help you get out of the way and enter the astral journey during the night. It takes care of all the scary parts and if money is scarce, maybe you can drop it to travel to Europe or the Bahamas, "or something overnight and what's happening!

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