Weekend Getaways and Mini-Vacations!

You have to leave, but you do not have time or money to take a week or two to your favorite destinations. Many people count on a weekend and start a semi-local resort that lets them escape, relax, enjoy alone or together and find romance, relaxation, entertainment, or whatever you are looking for in vacation.

The beauty of weekend excursions is that you can travel on budget and do not miss the job, the kids' activity, and so on. For a few years at school, my wife and I have never had enough time or money to make a full trip, so we take a few trips a few times a year for a few trips a few times a year as if we did a great trip.

So, we've compiled a simple list of weekend breaks that you can print right away and enjoy. Many of the ideas mentioned can be generalized in any part of the world, but there are a number of sites that are close to where we live. Use your imagination to think of targets that are within range and are fairly favorable.

first Romantic Getaways: These are usually at the top of the list. With anniversaries, holidays, romantic events, and so always on the corner, on our toes, to find new ideas to shake the great people out of their feet and keep the romance. Hire a guesthouse in a small town, grab a hotel in a romantic city like Paris, get to Las Vegas and enjoy all of its amenities. Romantic spots are as creative as you are.

2nd Sports events: Large-scale sports events such as March Madness are always fun. For example, my two best friends on the Valentine's Day travel to our state capital for a couple of hours to look at the state high school basketball championship. Spring training comes to baseball and is always in a warm place. Racing, football, golf, olympics, baseball, big horse racing, such as the Kentucky Derby. The list goes on and on.

3rd Camping: This is a cheap holiday that can be fun, romantic and adventurous. Combine camping with rafting or hiking, or without being too adventurous, borrowing a cabinet in the woods and getting rid of the society.

4th Amusement Parks: We went to Cedar Point one year to Ohio in Sandusky and spent a day in the amusement park and Put-n Bay in Erie Lake. In addition to Kings Island, we live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and many people travel from the whole area to spend a few days enjoying the sights. There are theme parks everywhere and a great way to be entertaining while enjoying a wide range of activities. If you are not near Disney World or Disneyland, think of a closer one.

5th Famous vacation spots: Las Vegas remembers. We like to travel to Gatlingur, Tennessee, and spend a couple of days in a cabin, shopping, eating and hanging. New York, San Diego, can be perfect in your home for any 6 hour driving time. Just write some places within the circle and pick one.

6th Beaches: Unfortunately, we do not live in a few hours in a beach, but many do not. Great weekend getaway on the beach on the beach, ocean view dinner, seaside hotel or villa, and all beach vacations.

7th Festivals, events, concerts: Do you have a musician who is not far from the city? What about a great event or festival? Pack the bags and go out for the weekend. Grab the hotel and go to the event. It will be a great time. We did many times and always felt good.

This is just a short list of ideas. Pack the bags and just go. You're coming back to feel refreshed and ready for the next weekend getaway.

Have fun and tell us what your trip was!

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