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It does not matter if anyone says they can not travel without any accessories. Whether you're wearing suitcases, suitcases, short cases or moneybags, you can always bring some travel accessories with you.

Travel accessories tell a lot about the person's life and personality. Depending on the style and color of travel accessories, and even what special accessories they carry, you can gain insight into the country they are from, be happy, outgoing and energetic, or be quite old, either financially or with little money and countless other details.

The Mori Luggage and Gifts purchasing team recently returned from the DC Travel Goods Show in Washington – the world's largest exhibition of travel accessories and leather goods. For three days buyers walked through the corridors looking for hot new trends in luggage, briefcases and travel accessories.

President of Mori Luggage and Gifts, John Mori, said that the Travel Goods Show was a great opportunity to network with other travelers.
"The Travel Goods Show allows us to meet with all of the industry's leading manufacturers," he said. "With the growing economy and the growth of travel, we were delighted to discover many new and innovative travel products for 2004. Our customers are expecting to find the latest products that will make traveling easier."

According to Mr Mori, manufacturers of travel accessories such as luggage, briefcases and leather goods manufacturers reacted to consumer demand for vibrant colors – especially when it comes to women's business deals. While black is always popular, fashionable business women can choose a different color briefcase each season. A brief description of Lodis Audrey Capri is a hot sale for spring and summer. Available in salmon and parchment, beautiful pink quality fine Italian leather, plus an easy-to-design external mobile phone and business card with a service pocket and removable shoulder strap.

Zuca MobileLockerTM is an extremely durable, lightweight roll case. She designed a mom who could not visit her fourth-grade daughter, who pays 50 pounds every day and has developed such pains as early as life. The main storehouse carries books and important equipment and can be used for school, picnics or flights. Its top is so strong that it can be used as a seat and the magneto LED wheels really light up. An excellent travel accessory for a wide range of applications.

One of the most interesting versions of the luggage and travel accessories is the 22 "transformable vertical of Briggs & Riley, a portable vertical portable. After a box pull the face panel rotating in the heated vertical creates a new each bag for 2-3 days of clothing

So, what's new in the travel accessories industry? Surprised if the airline's pillow covers and blankets are so clean, it's finally one of the most popular travel accessories you find! A new company called the Pb Travel, recent studies suggest that many people do not change or clean up quite often, so the pb blanket and pb disposable cushion cover were introduced.The pub blanket is a warm polar fleece blanket that can be washed and dried in 10 minutes

If you ever came from overseas you probably heard deep vein thrombosis and other circulating pr which are long-haul Flexible Therapy Compression Socks uses an enhanced compression system to improve blood flow and relieve and discomfort the legs. There is a need for a list of travel accessories. They are great for walking or whenever you spend a lot of time on your feet.

Cleaning the teeth during travel or at work is only easier when traveling with a toothbrush. In fact, one toothbrush and toothpaste in each one is one of the fantastic and brilliant travel accessories. Simply screw the handle and refreshing mint toothpaste is created at a high standard

Have you seen a sophisticated man carrying the dollar bundle in a rubber band? We have come up with a way to do this with the Budd Leather's great bands in style. Each Grand Band has a durable, colorful band with two replacement bases and a stainless steel plate that can be engraved. This is a useful and essential travel accessory for elegant and professional travelers.

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