Vacations Without a Car – Favorite Destinations in the United States

United States leadership paradise. To get to almost anywhere, you need a car. However, for those who travel without fuel travel (without the dangers of the road), here are some holiday destinations that provide easy access without a heavy truck.

New York City and the Northeast Corridor

The New York public transport system is odd in the United States. Once you reach the Metropolitan Transit Authority (which includes all airports and bus stations), it is actually a subway, bus or ferry from the city's sites, hotels and all the attractions that make NYC so special. Park your car in New Jersey or you will arrive at one of the airports and lose your car for a vacation.

If Amtrak is your thing, the Acela, America's high-speed train is relatively easy to take Boston to Washington. Each major city along the northeastern corridor has a similar transport system, which in many cases goes to the boundaries of the city, and often goes too far. As a bonus, there are several Amtrak stations in the city center.

Las Vegas and Atlantic City [Las Vegas és Atlantic City] In Las Vegas, broadcasts are plentiful, but the real pleasure is to walk from the resort (whether on a covered promenade or tram), and many sights from the inside, far from the desert heat of the desert. Las Vegas has many parking spaces, mostly in the immediate vicinity of the resorts – especially along the strip and in downtown Las Vegas. If you are parked, you often do not have to visit the car while planning to stay in town. The airport is very close to the strip – you can take a quick taxi to the destination.

On the east coast, most of the Atlantic City resorts are located on a very passable section of Boardwalk (the world's first oceanside promenade). Although the Atlantic City taxis are expensive and plentiful, Atlantic Jitney and many casino-owned buses mean that you rarely have to go for a taxi. In addition, resorts are much closer to each other than Las Vegas so walking to one another is much smaller than the tour.

Walt Disney World and Disneyland

Disney has left its way to neglecting their cars in Florida's 47-square-foot resort paradise. The 14-mile unilateral flight and the endless farewell to Disney buses mean that anyone (even those with mobility needs) can easily get to the resort. Even the airport shuttle is free if you book a package. The best of Disney Transport for all visitors is free!

In California, the Disneyland Resort property is likely to be smaller, but within walking distance of resorts and most sights, this is a place to park the car completely. However, Disneyland Resort has its own Disney delivery facility.

Niagara Falls

Most of the Niagara Falls are located in North America, the United States and Canada, around the most extensive water areas. If you are visiting in the summer, there are a number of carriageways that will allow you to visit the rainforest area and beyond. Even in winter, when most of the major attractions and hotels are so close that walking is almost always possible. Just fill it – the ones along the Niagara River are very cool.

Mackinac Island

Mackinac is not just a vacation without a car, cars on the island are anywhere illegal. Except for some limited emergency vehicles, all shipment on foot, bicycle or riding wagon. It is a beautiful, picturesque place that seems almost frozen in history. The only disadvantage is the distant location of Mackinac Island. If you can get to North Michigan and get to the island, get ready for the ultimate careless experience.

Key West

Tiny Key West has its own airport and public bus system. Flights to Key West (usually from a nearby big city such as Miami) are available nationwide. Key West "Old Town" is the main tourist section and is practically all within walking distance of the area. If you are lucky enough to provide a hotel or guest house in the Old Town, you probably do not have to go to a bus. The "New City" is a few miles away and you may have access to private transportation, but do not worry. Renting a scooter is very popular and a great way to get this small island away. The discovery of the other Florida Keys, however, necessitates a tour or a car, so they essentially stick to Key West until the end of the vacation.

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