Vacations Increasing the health and productivity of employees

Personnel and leaders need to be encouraged to spend their holidays. Even a day or two of the vacation can be a huge difference in employee motivation. Now is the best time to plan a summer schedule and ensure that your employees are using the earned and deserved holidays.

USA TODAY (MAR 01 2007) discloses that Accountemps, Menlo Park, Calif., About 51 percent of the staffing services of temporary accountants, finance and accounting professionals claim that they are more productive after the holiday

there is more evidence that vacation increases employee productivity and even improves health as the travel agency deducts its conclusions from data analysis that examines the health benefits of vacation travel.

  • On a scale of 1-5, passengers are in total 1 full point on vacation.
  • Passengers say they get three times deeper sleep and they will hardly dream about 20 minutes after their vacation.
  • Even the expectation of vacation travel generates growing positive feeling throughout life, family, economic situation and health.
  • Annual vacation reduces the risk of a person's heart attack by 50 percent
  • Women who take more freedom are more satisfied with their marriage.
  • More than half of the Americans employed say they are back to return to their families after a vacation.
  • Three in four leaders believe that vacation is needed to prevent burnout or vacation to improve their personal workplace performance.
  • Travelers experience a 25% increase in performance after vigilance tests after returning from vacation – travelers aged 45 and over show a 50 percent increase in performance.
  • Two of the three leaders believe that vacations improve their creativity.

The results show that annual vacations can improve health, quality of life, productivity, and family and workplace commitment.

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