Vacation – How to avoid disappointment

Every year more than two million tourists travel to Israel. In the land of just six million people, tourism is a major source of income.

In recent years, Israeli real estate owners have been renting their private homes in the summer months. This is a wonderful alternative to staying in regular hotels, and searching through the internet will help you find and book unique holiday destinations that will make your holiday unforgettable.

You can rent a villa with a pool of family and friends, keep the parties and prepare food in a fully equipped kitchen. Often near the beaches, private villas are an excellent alternative to traditional tourist hotels and offer great grounds for discovering Israel.

Private villas are also full of characters and interest. They provide a fascinating and authentic glimpse into life in Israel, which gives you more of a unique holiday experience. However, the risk of private accommodation on the Internet is that the pictures and descriptions may give you an overly flattering image of the property and that you may be disappointed after a long and exhausting flight if you finally reach the road.

Unfortunately, there is no accepted standard that property owners need to follow and there is no effective industry security to protect you, so it's very easy to find yourself an unsuitable property that deals with the owner's unique sweat and needs on site.

The safest way to find and book a home that really meets your needs is using an Israeli agent that deals with renting private homes.

The best and most professional agents visited the homes they listed and made detailed contracts with owners to ensure the quality of the service being served. They will talk about payments and deposits and act as intermediaries to avoid the pitfalls associated with direct management of individual owners.

Features are cleansed and ready for your arrival and give you all the necessary accessories. Simple, but important details, such as bedding, towels, plates, cutlery, dishes, glasses, chairs and furniture. You need to connect not only the owner, but the agent number, and you can take immediate action if something is repaired or replaced. And finally, when he leaves the property, the agent who returns the bail.

A good agent offers advice on the most appropriate properties and expectations and is able to offer alternatives that only an indigenous Israeli would know. A wonderful villa is just a short drive from the wonderful beaches, much better business than a ranched villa, just on a crowded beach.

Experience has shown that the quality and ability of your holiday greatly increases your enjoyment. The agent naturally charges a fee, but it's a small price to pay for the peace of mind that a professional service can bring.

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