Traveling with International Infants with Infants

Traveling with babies is always a challenge, even more on long international flights. Certain parents to keep their children safe and secure during take-off and landing spend more money on purchasing childcare products and thus a child restraint space that can be secured in a car seat on the airplane. Fares offered by children usually account for 65 or 75 percent of adult tickets, while the infant is only 10 percent.

However, not all airlines allow parents to use a car seat on board. This depends on how the country is regulated.

Alitalia is such an airline. Italian legislation does not allow babies to be secured to the car seat on board the aircraft. Persons using a car seat who wish to use a child carriage must sign up for the purchase of a new infant's ticket and then try to return the child through the original agency. This is not always successful as the ticket rules have changed and most tickets are not refundable.

As Alitalia is a member of the Sky Team Alliance, you can purchase a ticket that includes a flight number of one of the crew members but operated by Alitalia. In this case, the rules of Alitalia shall prevail.

Other members of Sky Team are Air France, Aero Mexico, Delta Air Lines, Korean Air Lines and Czech Airlines. Since Alitalia is only flying from the Atlantic via the Atlantic, this potential problem may not be to Korean Air Lines or Aero Mexico destinations.

At Alitalia Passenger traveling with infants must allow a stroller or a car seat to hold the infant to the actual flight boarding. At this point, the stroller / car seat will be marked and logged in at the gate.

For all other Sky Team flights, infants traveling with infants can have a baby stroller for a baby until the actual flight boarding takes place. At this point, the stroller will be tagged and sign in at the gate. Only one car seat is permitted on the airplane when a child has been purchased for a child.

We do not currently know the Alliances, the Stars or the Single World, and do not allow the fare to be paid to children and an infant. However, we recommend that you check the airline before purchasing to avoid problems when signing in. Finally, it is stressful to travel with children without adding them.

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