Travel to Europe – France and the Benelux

If you choose to travel to Europe or you are a European resident who is planning to travel to the continent, the first decision you have to do is know exactly which part you are planning to stay. This article looks at one of Europe's most popular regions: France and the Benelux, this is the last area that includes Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Are you sure you're going to visit this area of ​​Europe. You must be in love with urban tourism. If you're passionate about scenery, sightseeing, high mountains, ponds, and crystal clear watercourses, then this is probably not the place. Of course, France is visiting many interesting places of interest, but in fact it means that there are better places to go for this kind of tourism, such as Austria or Switzerland, which I'm discussing in another article.

Once again, the main attraction you find in this region is the cities themselves. France is by far one of the most beautiful cities to see, many of them are interesting cathedrals, temples and squares. Starting from Paris, next to the world-famous Eiffel Tower, where many tourists come from all over, the Champs Elysees can be one of the most romantic routes in the world. The visit to the Louvre Museum is a testament to the past, as there are many treasures around the globe.

To go to Belgium, find out that Brussels is such an impressive city. It's not just about monuments, but it gives you a cozy atmosphere on its narrow streets. Simply enjoy all corners and find your fingers to get up for a good time because it often happens to skip blue sky. Luxembourg is a very small country directly adjacent to Belgium, but capital is a separate region. There are not many attractions in Paris or Brussels.

One thing to know about this region, even if the train's driving can be very good, it will be incredibly boring at the same time. The landscape is pretty much the same. Without being one of those rails lovers, I'm very encouraged to take such a quick Ryanair flight to cover long distances. In any case, the train will be useful for short tours or if you have purchased one of these tracks throughout the region.

The similarity that collects these people is their language. In any case, there are very big differences between the residents. While the French nation has adopted a more luxurious and fashionable lifestyle, its partners in Belgium are more concerned with casual lifestyles. When it comes to characters, the French will be more arrogant, while the Belgian and Luxembourg people, in my opinion, are the most popular guys across Europe.

Whatever, in the end, bring the reminder that you can admire the architecture and the beautifully designed cities in the region that have many stories to tell. Forget a bit about the natural spots as you find them in other places in Europe and … Practice your French!

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