Travel Tips for Advisers

Travel is the fact of most counselors' lives. Many people spend 45 weeks on the road each year, and some say that they do not want another way.

We know a couple where both are travel advisors. It is often joking to write a book about "Three Days a Week", because they have been meeting each other for weeks only on Thursday night and Sunday evening. Of course, you spend great holidays with all the usual miles and hotel points, and no one stays home to handle the household while in the other restaurants every night arrives and expects all the work.

Like many others, they learn how to be comfortable on the road that the source of travel timetables is a challenge rather than a new experience and a great story. If you learn how to be comfortable in your environment, you will be better off working and staying longer in this demanding area.

There are two types of advisory roles in the travel agenda. One type of consultant is the real Road Warrior, who is in a different city every week, often visiting two or three customers and spending only two days in each place. The other type travels to the same destination each week to run a long-term job for several months. What type of travel timetable depends on your personality as well as your skill.

No matter what type of travel schedule there are, there are seemingly small things you can do to make your trip more comfortable

Sign in to all common airport and hotel points programs. The biggest advantage of business travel is that you get a free family vacation later. All of these Pittsburgh trips would cost you a trip to Honolulu or to Prague or wherever your heart is headed.

Whenever possible, use the same airline and hotel chains in each city. This will help you accelerate the points faster and thus provide comfort and familiarity with the arrival of the city. Not every Marriott is exactly like any other Marriott, but there are quite a few similarities between them that you can feel at home quickly.

Packing for Travel

Create a checklist that includes all the information you need to know about any trip you need, including items such as toothbrush and mobile phone charger . Take the checklist each time you pack a suitcase.

If you do not follow this advice, you'll eventually get $ 200 with the "charge all" tool and use a hotel toothbrush that breaks your gum.

  1. We always assume you have to wear your luggage. If you are not sure you will need it, do not take it. You can always buy one. (Do not accept orders in places where no warehouse is available.)
  2. Pack some comfortable attire in your hotel room and wear clothes that you can work with.
  3. Planning to sleep something that can not be seen in public outfit. In a fire, hotels are evacuated on two floors and two floors, even if it is only a small fire in the trash can. That's what's over the bed.
  4. Every baggage looks the same. Simply put the bag with the carousel and are less likely to be stolen with some strategically placed strip or large pink bow.
  5. The army knows rolled clothing is not wrinkled. Do not throw it away, throw it. Turn your coats, fold your collar and push your shoulders into the other
  6. Think about what you pack for customs and airport security. For example, many airlines can not afford to wear steel darts in their trunk. (Yes, one of us has learned this difficult path, not that you think.) Take all the medicines in the original pack, especially prescription drugs.
  7. Buy everything you use daily, such as cosmetics, shavers, toothbrushes, etc. Leave a set at home. Pack once the toiletries and leave them packed. So you do not have to worry about forgetting something important and you will not notice it in the middle of the night in a strange hotel room. If you run out of the way, replace it. (This is easier when using national sales common brands.)

Just after a few weeks of traveling you will know exactly what to pack and what not.

Hotel Living

If you travel the same city every week, choose a hotel where you are comfortable and friends with friends at the reception and in the household. If you commit to a certain week, you can even give room breaks, which is good for the customer.

If you have tried two or three different rooms in different parts of the hotel, you will begin to identify the specific things that you love or dislike. In a few weeks, you probably have a favorite room. Do not be afraid to ask each week. If you are sitting in the same room every week, you can increase your sense of comfort, making it easier to remember where you are staying. We all at least tried to open the door of a hotel room just to find out that the key was not because this room was last week and we have no idea which room we were hosting this week.

If you followed our packaging and purchased a copy of toiletries and travel requests, you can check your suitcase over the banner on the weekend instead of taking it with you. Leave your laundry with a dry cleaner on weekends and come back to a fresh cabinet Monday without having to bring a bag to the airport. This is freedom!

Make friends with the people who control the food. If you eat all the food from the Room Service menu, you will soon be bored of your choices. Encourage the person in charge of room service to make suggestions.

When Christine worked in a city where she was not safe to leave the hotel and walk in the night, she called one of the nightclubs, "he asked in the saddest voice he had gathered," I'm hungry and nothing looks good in the menu. ! " The voice of the Room Service laughed and said, "Miss Lambden, do not worry, after all these months I know what you love. Let me surprise you."

In addition to the best food and the latest salad served by Room Service, the waiter brought a glass of red wine and said, "The cook said he told you he knew you did not like red wine, but that's a specialty, try steak, an alternative to a sliced ​​steak with a sip of wine."

He's still talking about steak. That night she never needed the Room Service menu again. When he called, he said, "Maybe fish tonight?" or "I'm in a chocolate mood."

Remember, if you're tired of the hotel menu, just imagine how the chef feels.

Since not eating all day, here are some other ways to spend an evening in a hotel room:

  1. Call your mother.
  2. Read it.
  3. Go to a movie.
  4. Dormitory libraries are often open later. Learn something.
  5. Get ready. Do you remember the dormitory at Freshman Fifteen? The counselor's life contains too many food in the restaurants and too few long strolls in the park.

If you work at home, try to practice the same way while traveling. Find out if you are safe to walk around / walk around the hotel. This is also a great way to find the neighboring restaurants and pubs that travel books do not know.

If staying in a home gym, stay in a hotel in the gym and use it. If there is no gym in the hotel, remember that there are many national chain memberships that allow you to work in any city. Like national hotel and restaurant chains, gymnastic products are an excellent way to find a familiar environment in an unknown location.

Discovering New Cities is a great way to practice and enjoy your time on the road. See sights. Business. Ask people at the hotel and at work what you need to see while in town.

We know about a consultant who saw Niagara Falls in Buffalo, Arch in St Louis, the Napa Valley wine district, six shows in Broadway, and Fort Lauderdale in the spring break.

Did you know Kansas City is the city of fountains? In winter, the city slowly froze a few fountains, so you see frozen ice where water flows in the summer.

Did you know you could visit Budweiser Clydesdales at Grant's Farm in St. Louis? If you think you are having fun in Super Bowl commercials, just imagine how wonderful you are in the vicinity.

These opportunities may not occur again. Do not spend every night in the hotel room.

Every city has a unique offer and the people there are happy to help you discover how wonderful their hometown is.

A Unique Life on the Road

A permanent travel lifestyle is often more appealing to unique people who do not have their home every week. The only challenge for these counselors is to find a way to stay home when they are not there during the week.

Here are some tips:

  1. Ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your letter once or twice during the week.
  2. Installing Auto Light Timers in the Housing. Install the motion sensor lights from the outside. This shows that someone is at home and defends things. (It also makes bats and possums to find in another yard, but it's probably just an Austin thing.)
  3. to hide valuables. The intruders know everything about freezing their jewels, but do they think they saw the potted soil in the garbage in the garage? Tip: Tell someone who trusts where he has hidden them … you will remember every place you are considering and forget about your choice.
  4. Do a little bit with all the money you do as a consultant and hire a serving service to come and clean your house as long as you're gone. If you have a lawn, you also rent a yard service. The last thing you feel is that when you finally get home you are a housewife and you will be happier in this job if you do not feel you are neglecting your home work.
  5. If possible, stay in the house. Then you do not have to worry.

Apart from maintaining his home, no man has to keep the social life on the road. If you stay out of town all week, you can easily find yourself out of friends' conversation, excluding weekend plans. You have to work harder to keep these friends home, especially when you create new friendships in the city you work for.

It is not completely unfamiliar with consultants commissioned by the same customers for weeks to form friendships or even romantic attachments in the city they work for. Bonds with nationals can be of great benefit to the public as the extension of the network extends to all their colleagues.

Do not give someone a client company. It's messy. (Yes, we know your situation is different from adults, we think this, but our experiences rarely do so, this is still a good advice for everyone.) [1]

life on the road is harder for those who are at home at home. You miss them and feel guilty of leaving them, and you feel guilty of having fun with them.

The same tourist attractions that enjoy a one-man ride can still leave the family out. Do you find yourself thinking "kids will love this," or "the Niagara Falls in me? I do not believe it!"

Here are some tips to make travel easier if you are missing your family:

  1. Write long letters saying everything you say when you are home. Take a fax machine to the house so you can send them before you drop it and your family can read them with breakfast. (We know that the email works in the same way unless the handwritten letters mean more.)
  2. Enter the hotel's fax number to your family or set the personal e-fax number. Encouraging letters from home. Also draw drawings and reporting cards, and anything else that will make you feel closer. Almost every child can benefit from the occasional writing practice, and most of them already know how to operate a computer.
  3. Buy a small digital camera or use your mobile phone to take pictures and the "Day in the Life" slideshow for kids. Photograph from day to day when you wake up when you're ready to bed – pictures of your hotel room, breakfast table, cabin and staff, bookstore you stop working after, restaurants,! (Trust us, they will love it.)

Driving strange (translation: "Yours is new") Places

Weather conditions and driving courtesy rules vary by city. In some cities, leadership is brutal, and it is rough or suicidal to slow down in the case of yellow light. Someone will chew or run. Others will get a dirty look if you do not let them and let a waiting car melt before you. In most highways, failure of defective drivers signals you as an outsider

No matter where you are, these tips help you reduce the driving effect of your journey:

  1. Get a map when it arrives. If you know where you are going, it is much less likely that you will end up in the wrong place.
  2. If the car has a rear end of a car, the first step is to put the phone on. It's even better to get rid of your hands while driving. Best of all, put it down and fold it.
  3. Rent your car on a weekly basis from the same agency, and it's extremely nice. Usually, the same agents are serving every Monday morning so they will eventually know you and offer you a cool convertible or Jag for a week at no extra charge.
  4. Not every state or city has a "rightfully red" law. Check the car rental agency or look for a "No red right" sign before assuming it is legal at any intersection where you are.
  5. If you stop at speeding, you run a red light, you're on the wrong track, or worse if you hit something, you have to be polite to everyone involved. Of course, this is true even if you do not travel, but you have a better chance of meeting or flying if you're dealing with the situation.

in New York or Boston (or London or Beijing) on ​​taxa or public transport. Some warnings say, "Do not try it at home." As far as driving is concerned, the rule is "Do not try this on the road". In other words, ask someone at your destination or go to the travel guide to find out if you are willing to take it with you.

If you're on a snowy climate in the first winter, ask someone to teach you how to drive ice before the first snowstorm. You may feel foolish and will surely laugh at you, but when you first feel the car starts sliding you will be happy for it.

For us, often just "coming from Texas" is enough for our clients to offer free driving lessons or ice conditions.

Aviation Travel Tips

The tracking of air travel rules and the acquisition of security checkpoints are more of a challenge, but airlines have been making sincere efforts to help.

Airlines and airport websites have all the information on security requirements and how much time they will take to get to the gate. Experienced travelers quickly learn to avoid the busiest time of the day and the week. In fact, we do not know any travel consultants who would not want to fly under any circumstances before the Thanksgiving.

Airport websites provide information on other services available at terminals. For example, did you know that Hong Kong Airport has showers and rooms where you can sunbathe? After a long flight to the Pacific, the shower is a wonderful way to relocate three hours between connecting flights.

Oregon Portland Airport has a large shopping mall. You can purchase all the Christmas shopping flights and buy the items. Oh, and have we mentioned that Oregon does not have sales tax?

There are twenty different museum galleries at the San Francisco airport, which regularly organize art, culture and science exhibitions. At SFO, you should not avoid being entertained and educated while traveling.

Here are some tips to ease light aviation:

  1. When inquiring about your reservation, ask the place near the front of the machine. Airlines run back and forth, and families traveling with children tend to plan ahead of business travelers, so the three-year-old screamer is usually on the back of the machine.
  2. Always ask for Exit Row. Children are not allowed and you get more legs.
  3. When planning to sleep, use earplugs or invest in some good noise reduction headphones. People speak louder on airplanes.
  4. Plans have only moisture content of 3%, so they dry out quickly. Get one bottle of water on board. (This also prevents your feet from falling.) To reduce costs and reduce weight, hold an empty bottle and ask the cabin crew to fill it out for you. International flights usually provide a water fountain for passengers to serve themselves.
  5. When they say, "Determine two carrying cases," assume that they really mean and are ready to check everything, just their purses, briefcases, and laptops. It is a good alternative if you are in a hurry to check your "gates". Especially for smaller departures, this means that bags must be removed immediately when the machine is transported without a stop at the baggage.
  6. Listen to the security word every time. Like washing a car, it's just a good karma. We asked, and yes, most flight drivers give the same stupid feeling as they listen to, but the fact that nobody is listening makes it harder to work.
  7. To prevent a flat neck from falling flat, ask the cabin crew for a blanket, wrap it up and wrap it in his neck before falling asleep. Your head will not turn sideways, you will not snore, and you will not seem as ridiculous as those who fall on their neighbors' shoulders. They make C-shaped pillows, but that's just another thing they wear. We like to travel light

As you travel, you will do your best to make your life easier. If we feel good, we are better prepared for the job and you will be more successful.

Hubs and conference products are the same everywhere. Work will not change, but the time to get acquainted with your friends around you, the workplace and the hotel will make all the difference in the world how well you do it.

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