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After we re-examined our lives and the decisions we made to get here, we were surprised at what the journey meant, which has changed us in many ways. It was just when a cousin's mother came to her head when she told a family reunion (after we knew we were around the world) that traveling was the best education she could get. Although my wife and I have guessed that this was the case, there was someone who actually lived and confirmed our suspicions.

"There are memories that are still with me since I traveled between my 60s and friends who are still in touch," he said. "I've seen so much and learned a lot about things I never learned at school or I did not watch TV

And with the words of wisdom, we sink deep into our personal experiences to explain why traveling is the best education you can get


One thing is to see something on TV or to read about it in the newspaper (or on the internet or in books, the media is the choice), but it's another thing to see and experience these things personally. More than not, when something is, you will surely appreciate the message and be more likely to react briefly (or not) and then forget it, but if you have been bombarded or beggars first, those moments will cling to you and you will start to wonder, why these things happen [19659002] For example, in a school you can try to teach students the utmost from litter in the history text that the population showed 95% illiteracy, the riches were getting richer, while the poor were poor and the population was oppressed and had no way of abandoning poverty. Certainly, students remember some dates and some key people in history, but have forgotten about the end of the test or class and the cause and effect of the circumstances leading to the revolution are lost.

But if these students sometimes visited a family with no running water, no electricity, no school or lack of food, while working very hard for survival; in the meantime, he was deeply angry with the government for accepting bribes, acquiring a large part of the country's wealth, and even during the incoming and outbreaking of dams, or because of its carbon dioxide exemption (thus exerting greater pressure on its own land and affecting its own means of survival) students are so deeply moved by experience to better understand why people want to act and revolt to improve their situation.

This is the reason why so deep impressions that we only experience firsthand when traveling are one of the main reasons why traveling is the best education you can get. Perhaps more importantly, such impressions insist on you so much that we are more inclined to take the steps to change the right things.


We always believe that reality is the fastest and most effective teacher. If you buy some hard, discounted price on some street markets just to knock-off when you get home, you'll learn not to look at the street markets in the same way. As long as you do not get the bitter taste of being torn off, you should always look for the next great search, regardless of whether the seller is detrimental.

When you travel, you are more likely to witness places where socialism was successful (and not as evil as gung-ho pro-capitalists and craftsmen.) 39. It is more likely that they appreciate that other members of the world (especially in Europe) are not so concerned about health insurance and health care, and how locals have found ways to adapt and live in their own countryside to force arbitrary and damaging changes to Nature Without traveling these lessons can never be as a result, it is more likely that they are influenced by the media or their associates, which is not like children who deceive bad habits because they learn from unruly people (since they do not have the information they need to make wise choices.)

eyes ahead bearing in mind that travel has the means to test its theories and beliefs as different people, different cultures, different things, different persuasions, and in different environments often often conflict with what they have used or predetermined to travel so that travel expands the horizons of the universe and the openness of the vast diversity and diversity on the planet and its peoples and keeping things open, it is easier to learn these differences and apply them in a way that would improve their own lives (and hopefully others). you will generate greater respect for other people during the process, while differences will not be distinguished from differing people.


Perhaps one of the most important things the trip has made us gives a greater perspective. When traveling, they offer a greater experience. So there is a wider range of experience and knowledge to ask when you find a new situation or problem. And thanks to our extended library, we look forward to the big picture, solve the problems, not forget the little things, believe in ourselves and to our knowledge, better understand people, better judge the characters, and objectively examine things. With this awareness and self-conviction, we feel that we have crossed the cross-border obstacles (many of which have been self-imposed) that he thought was possible.

In general, travel (at least the more enlightened customized types) is expensive, logistically difficult and requires a lot of time, health and energy. However, we have learned to overcome these limitations while receiving a rich reward with the acquired knowledge. And in our own time, we did the path and the execution to break through the mental obstacles that typically prevent people from getting there first; with objections that are too expensive, too heavy, too much planning time, etc. In a sense it forces you to defeat your mood, to go out into the real world, and to acquire immaterial materials, a better person than it is.

Through our learning, we can better filter and process information (so we will not let the media squeeze or say), we are better at reconciling our work (and (personal ethics sustainable future), less prone to hot air and hypocrisy on political issues and better respect people with different backgrounds (you never know what you can learn from them)

In fact, travel has given us the tools we need (exposure, education, and perspective ) to take the necessary measures to improve not only our lives but also our children.We did not announce that we know everything, but at least things are placed in the perspective and proceed accordingly


Although we say that travel is the best education you can get is not advised to give up formal education and does not mean that is the answer to all our problems. We just say that the journey will be cultivated in a way that it will get closer to a meaningful, healthy and happier life if it goes with open theory and the right attitude.

However, there are various trips, and we must show that not all of them help learning. In fact, if you only travel for consumption (such as just holiday, golf or water sports [not that I condemn these activities] without interacting with locals or experiencing what it offers in authentic experiences) 39 only on local cultures, environments and peoples and I do not know much. You will not be able to expand your horizons and travel education benefits.

Consumption notes that the journey is not environmentally friendly (greenhouse gases [GHGs] have flown to the upper atmosphere, the aircraft are as energy efficient as they will be and the water loss caused by environmental damage at resorts, not to mention all the plastic bottle waste). We think, however, that if more people traveled to learn different things and get to know them or experience them, they will understand them better, be better able to keep things in mind, and take action to make the world a better place and more sustainable. So they say that sometimes the same people would be willing to travel (not to mention their lifestyle) less effective while still serving the benefit of society (especially in education you do not get to school) as a whole.

With regard to school, I think that travel can do wonders if you complement your education with worldly experiences. So you get the skills you need to get your school life, but while you are learning and observing your journey, you learn more (or even question). Additionally, you may also be able to vote more intelligently and thus create better leaders. I dare say that people who did not spread their horizons and did not have an open mind were unable to prevent the tide of corruption and bad leadership that was solved most of today's world-wide problems.

So travel is the best education you can get? As far as we are concerned, we are welcome!

Despite the fact that our journeys prompted us to incorporate our savings, which would delay the home shopping process by pushing everyone (including our government through twisted tax laws), we would not trade the world. We are not financially rich, but we have met a lifetime of memories and moments and some of our friends along the way. We have been speeding up to discover new places by using waterfalls as an excuse to meet you far and close. We hope we can keep it. Because we never want to stop learning, improve ourselves and make a difference in the world.

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