Travel – The Benefits of Discovering the World

What about the world?

Financial sectors are kneeling around the globe, jobs are in the queue, and we're forced to watch it happen and we can not stop doing anything. But are we strong? No, there are good reasons to survive this ruin. It is a fact that in the history of our planet, the survival of this difficult and unprecedented stage is key to assuming responsibility, changing our thinking process, and changing the world. Discovering the journey and the world gives us the perfect platform for this change to occur.

With the openness and humility approaching, the benefits of Travel are endless. But for simplicity, 5 points have been deleted.

first Travel gives you an opportunity to silence the mind.

2. Travel provides the opportunity to touch beauty.

3. Travel encourages us to grow.

4. The journey reflects our imagination and awakens the feeling of lightness and joy.

5. The journey fulfills our desire for unity.

first Travel gives you an opportunity to silence the mind. Quite silently underdeveloped by modern society creates a nutritious environment for contemplation and inspiration. Still, we find the silence of the mind extremely challenging in our everyday routine. This is where we go outside the comfortable zone and discovering unknown areas can play a very important role. It is easier for us to concentrate our attention on a selected subject such as sunset, beautiful landscape, or artwork when we are outside our normal environment. Allow ourselves to experience this wonder and amazement in the harmony of natural laws and feelings like happiness, joy, and peace begin. It seems that time is up. Our intuitive capacity has increased and reached to reach Énet and we are fully in touch. This is referred to as "insight" or "illumination", this is the "AHA" moment where new consciousness is achieved. And when an insight or enlightenment appears, sometimes I find things that have long been looking at me.

The opportunity to silence my mind during my personal travel has allowed me to find practical solutions to the problems, the courage to change my direction in life in key moments and gave me the fertile ground to think creatively. I also observed that insights come as "feelings" and thus the perceptions disappear when the feeling disappears. I have found that recording the insight at the mental level, such as recording the log, diary or workbook, provides full insight into the mental level. By recording recognitions, you change your thoughts and thus become the beginning of gradual evolution

. Travel gives you the opportunity to touch beauty.

Beauty is some visual harmony, a spontaneous aesthetic experience. It's an elusive, extremely personal, unpredictable effect, yet it is an integral part of human survival like oxygen. Beauty is healing, regenerative, lifting. Beauty allows us to put aside our pains and problems and help us to forget ourselves. It reveals unknown worlds and anonymous possibilities. Beauty makes our greed easier. As a human being, we can decide to increase our ability to recognize beauty by opening ourselves and making ourselves available so that we can experience it. Discovering the journey and the world gives us this opportunity in the spades. Finally, the Planet Earth is the "paradise planet" of the universe

3. Travel encourages us to grow.

Growth is to understand what we could not imagine. Feeling we never felt or doing what we have never done before. This forces us to leave the comfortable zone and move on to the unknown. Growth may sometimes be a joy and sometimes uncomfortable or even painful. But one sure. Personal growth with travel and the discovery of the world is much more susceptible to mankind's pain. And then we begin to see our own life in perspective, which is a better goal.

4th The journey reflects our imagination and awakens the feeling of lightness and joy.

What happened to our imagination? Is our experience of life, education and conditioning so discouraged us that we use our imagination and are we now regarded as a sad word? Take a look at the child's eyes. This attitude reminds us of the time when it is free from any and all possible past experiences and exclusions. The journey warns us that things are taken so seriously in our lives. It awakens the feeling of lightness and joy and the recognition that life is dancing. And dance, though strong, is a great pleasure.

5th The journey fulfills our desire for unity.

It is instinctive for man to naturally strive to merge with larger units as we want to share and participate in something that we consider to be greater than our individual self. It's only natural. The journey encourages the unity of all human beings everywhere. Through the journey we get a feeling that we all have the same fate. Rather than limit ourselves to our own local communities and stay in stagnant thinking in the world, now, as ever, there are so many things to discover our wonderful world and to travel more. Our planet has a terrible need to begin to resonate with human beings despite cultural differences. No one is an island, as we have seen from the recent financial collapse. What happened at Wall Street, all of us globally affected. At present, we have the opportunity to draw attention and reverse the process through the art of traveling.

Our outside world is simply a reflection of our own internal process. Like without it, so inside. And as wonderful as the world, it does not match the beauty and depth of our imagination and our own soul. And yet, we can reach these depths through the richness of our world. Colors, languages, people, cultures, sounds, smells, taste and art are all part of a rich gobelin that is part of our world heritage and just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. book that your honeymoon is a travel destination or take a summer vacation somewhere that you have not been before. Bring your log, diary or workbook to record the great cognitions and ideas that will come along the road and do not forget your camera to grab the beauty around you.

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