Travel Destination: Philippine Beaches

The Philippine island archipelago in Southeast Asia, over 7,100 islands. The United States has a coastline of at least twice the length of the island, and at least every beach on the island, the Philippines's coastal capital of the Philippines. The mention of the Philippines only includes warm crystal blue waters and long white sandy beaches. Here is the list of the most popular beaches in the Philippines:

● Boracay Beach – the western tip of the Panay Island, the northwestern tip of the western Visayas. Boracay's 4 km of powder-white beach is the "most beautiful beach in the world". Today, Boracay Island has many restaurants, bars and cafés, and is one of the liveliest nightlife in the Philippines.

● Cebu's Matthias Island, located in Visayas, on Cebu Island hotels and resorts with water sports facilities, bars and restaurants guarantee all the tourists will enjoy the sun during the day and night music, meals and drinks.

● Panglao Island, Bohol – Panglao is a small island in the southwestern part of a larger island in Bohol. The island offers several resorts along the beach, accommodation, restaurants and bars. Panglao is famous for its wonderful underwater coral reefs around the island.

● Puerto Galera, Mindoro – A favorite holiday nest for local and international travelers due to proximity to Manila. Puerto Galera consists of several coastal areas in North Mindoro, where tourists can choose which beach to start. Puerto Galera is the place for all kinds of travelers – from elegance to the bottom. The budget is aware of Puerto Galera's beach. It is also one of the best diving sites in the archipelago – the favorite of a diving fan.

● The Honda Bay, north of Palawan – Palawan's capital, the Honda Bay. There are fine sandy beaches in the bay. Sail and insulate the various islands to swim, dive, dive or picnic on the shore and enjoy the clear blue waters. The bay stains coral and sand. El Nido, the island of El Nido, surrounded by tropical birds, is one of the most important soups that were found specifically in Chinese restaurants – the Nido Soup , which was made from the bird's nest, located on the surrounding rocks. Palawan is the country's last frontier; the cobbled forest, untouched beaches, coral reefs, caves and beautiful landscapes are unparalleled anywhere in the Philippines.

● The Pearl Farm, Davao, is located on the shore of Davao City, Samal, Philippines, on the shores of Mindanao. The Pearl Farm is a world-class seaside resort, once a pearl, where thousands of oysters were grown for white, pink and gold beads. The beautiful Samal Island boasts beautiful white sandy beaches, a panoramic landscape and sea experiences. The pearl is a relaxing holiday in the tropical paradise.

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