Travel clubs – How much are you spending and what are the benefits of membership?

My Travel Club History: Last year my family took a "free" vacation with the obligation to attend a 90 minute Vacation Club sales presentation. Before the meeting we told ourselves that "there is no way to buy". We have been designed to listen to what they say and then politely refuse. At that time, getting a "freebie" vacation was all that he could handle. My husband and I are self-employed and the economy has hit us hard. So when I received a free call for beachfront hotels for a 90-minute stay, I accepted it.

Meeting: When we arrived at the meeting (Florida destinations) on Daytona Beach, coffee and donuts. Each married couple received a sales representative and had a larger room to view the benefits of Vacation Club membership. At the end of the video and on the subsequent sales pitch, my husband and I decided to "just say no". However, when we announced the $ 7995 price, we had to go back because it was simply not in our budget. We landed from a high-pressure agent to another where the price dropped from $ 7995 to $ 1,595

But what about those big rooms who paid a full price? It did not seem fair to me to simply "not" on some occasions, the price dropped by 80%. When the sales manager left the room for a moment, I turned the computer and made a quick search on BBB. She told me they had a "B +" rating, but when I checked it, it was "F". This "no" has become much easier! When he came back to the room, he was embarrassed and let go of us, but when we changed our minds, he would keep his offer until the next morning. At this point he only wanted us to go.

I made the decision that if there was a Travel Club that was reputable and economical, I thought I would join. We wanted the idea to get rid of less, but we did not know if there was a better alternative than we just witnessed. So, when we got home next week, I started researching. I found three legitimate travel clubs and read the reviews for two days and found as much information as I could. Although all three companies had a high standard, high club membership, and quality features, there was a club that looked better than the others. This special travel club has an enrollment fee, a fraction of the other two, and when I found out that several resorts, holiday homes, villas and hotels, like all other clubs, became my favorites.

Save money?

Absolutely, but the bad travel club can count you too much and can not recommend it after enrollment. Before considering a travel club, consider the following:

  • Enrollment Costs: This can range from a few hundred dollars to up to $ 10,000. A good quality travel club can not count on you a fortune. It's a good idea to stay less than 1000 for the enrollment fee.
  • NO CHARGES, FEES AND APPLICATION PRODUCTS: If you have an annual or monthly fee, you can not save money for your vacation.
  • Selection: The top quality travel club has thousands of quality features all over the world, not just on a specific site.
  • Customer Service: Find a club where you can call a representative or at least expect a call if you have any questions. Concierge tables are invaluable when planning a vacation, but not all travel clubs have a concierge service.
  • A variety of resorts that they represent: One of the top 3 holiday clubs ONLY represents Crown Resorts. Since they do not have the top 9 resorts, prices are usually higher than in a club where all nine companies compete for each other as a member of your business
  • Costs offered by members: Resorts and condominiums should not be " mark "before they are offered to members. Public travel agents such as Expedia, Priceline, and Kayak have to record their inventory before they are offered publicity and management costs to the public. A good "private" travel club will not pick up the stock, members will have full access to lower dollar prices.
  • Quality Resorts: Make sure your travel club offers the top line destinations. Do not miss less than 3.4 & 5 star resorts, resorts, hotels and villas.

Advantages of High Quality Private Travel Club:

  • Money Savings: Of course, everyone wants to save money. You have to wait to save 30-50% for each vacation, sometimes at 80-90%, especially for destinations for recent trips.
  • Low Effort: A good travel club has done all the research for you. Instead of comparing hours between websites, all your options will be in one place for online browsing or conversation with a travel agent.
  • Receptionist: This is a great opportunity offered by some travel clubs. Use them when available to save more money on rental cars and limousines, Operas, Dinner Show and Rafting Tours.
  • No Black Out Dates: You can travel without any exception to any holiday without exception or in a big travel week.

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