Travel – Air Destruction and Jet Lag

If you are afraid of air travel because of air pollution and / or jet lag, then some precautions are needed to prevent both.


Usually the tiredness of the air is the worst case of take-off and landing. This is due to the steep attitude of the aircraft, the sudden increase or decrease of speed and height, as well as soil visibility and rushing. The difference is what you see and what is the "balance" area of ​​responses, means that the brain crashes. Illness may be a physical or psychological reaction to all of these, the latter being caused by fear rather than the actual physical reaction of the opposing signs occupied by the body.

Normally, airtightness is manifested in nausea, which may or may not cause actual illness, sweating, indigestion, and swallow more than normal.

Even pilots and other airports suffer from respiratory illness, which obviously prevents their work. As a result, studies have been made on the problem and tools have been developed to avoid the following respiratory illnesses.

first Stress or fear can cause respiratory illness, as an emotionally disturbed brain has even more difficulty in understanding the opposite sign of the eyes and ears. So try to relax, do not strain, and if you are afraid of flying, buy a slight sedative one hour before the take-off schedule.

2nd The entire stomach can contribute to the respiratory disease, so eat and drink moderately before going to the machine.

3rd If it is on board, even if the seat belt indicators are switched off, stay in place as far as possible. If your balance has decreased, the sudden movement of the aircraft is likely to cause a disease.

4th In accordance with the instructions in the box, take tablets with anti-air tiredness, or use different armbands at several terminals on the airport that are claimed to have a beneficial effect.

5th Try not to think about the tiredness of the air, the more you do, the more likely you feel bad. Concentrate on a book or movie or sleep, and soon find that you have forgotten the feeling of illness.

Jet Lag

Jet lag can be a curse for those who have to travel heavily for their job because sleep habits are confusing, business meetings or workouts are a real test of stamina.

This really happens when body hours get confused, and symptoms include insomnia, fatigue, lack of concentration, headache and disorientation.

Jet lag is usually the worst case when crossing multiple time zones, especially in the east, for example, from London to Los Angeles. In this case, it is said that departure from London is at 11:00 and the flight is eleven hours long and arrives in Los Angeles at 2:00 pm while the body hours will be from bed 10 to night and night.

Once again, jet lag may be somewhat psychological. If one chooses to feel that the jet is missing then it will be. There are some tricks that help solve this problem.

Fly east, get as much sleep as possible. Have a couple of drinks, meals and rest as if you were a siesta. So when you arrive you can feel fresh and you can keep it longer until there is a reasonable bed time.

Change your watch for the time of your trip; this helps to avoid disorientation.

On arrival, try to get fresh air and dinner at night when it is normal (local time) and try not to lie down before you normally say 10:00.

Alternatively, if you are able to sleep on the machine, you will sleep for a few hours at your destination, but set up an alarm clock so it will not be too long to sleep later. Again, dine and lie down at normal times.

If you are traveling to a particularly important event, you may be able to arrive a few days before your suitability.

Western travel is much easier as it is time for your destination to go where it started, so acclimatization is not so hard and bedtime arrives sooner!

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