Travel agents are a thing of the past?

In the past, prior to the launch of the Internet, it is too time consuming or too costly for the average consumer to directly address the tour operator and personally arrange for all aspects of the holiday. Travel agents have become a reliable and quick tool for the holiday consumer's "package" which would otherwise be impossible for an independent consumer.

The role of the travel agent includes three main functions:

1) Perform the information intermediary function, providing information between buyers and suppliers

2) Process Transactions, including Ticket Printing and Money Transfers to Suppliers [19659002] 3) Provide travelers with places to go, work, and other relevant information

. These three tasks were stamped on information and opportunities available on the Internet. Consumers have recently recognized that full online research of the planned holiday is possible. Users can click on the mouse to find specific regional information. Small local hotels, local attractions and regional excursions can be easily searched before the reservation is started.

In the early years of the Internet, consumers did not usually trust internet booking. They felt that credit card sharing is a secure way of payment through the Internet. The users sought to find out what they wanted to know, and then traveled to their travel agency either face-to-face or phone to book their holiday package.

The internet provides an effective tool for building a unified and sustainable electronic infrastructure for information gathering and business transactions for both travelers and suppliers. An ideal way for people to provide information about traveling. That's why it's important that travel-related websites provide helpful, relevant and easy-to-find information besides the booking location, if necessary. With the help of the Internet, you can complete a search on a destination, book all aspects of your vacation, including travel, and communicate with others who share the same ideas or experience. Excellent opportunity for travelers to compare and contrast everything they offer before they buy.

The information available is constantly being reformatted and presented in a more logical, easy to use and readable format. The amount of consumers that rely on this information to make travel decisions will continue to rise. Additionally, the use and utilization of the Internet for exploration and reservation breaks is improving and constantly expanding. For example, consumers no longer need to get a printed ticket from the tour operator. They simply print out the information they need for themselves after they are automatically received by email.

The internet meant that people could easily plan themselves. This opened not only for the general public a greater amount of discount but for people to enjoy and keep plans and seize their own travel.

Are travel agents something past? The future does not look too rosy for them. They may keep their presence in specific markets where they can offer a unique service to each segment of the market – but if you all love it, it's definitely a travel agent that probably has fallen in recent years.

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