Travel agency marketing – Few marketing strategies are a travel agency

Do you run a travel agency? This article explains travel agencies' marketing plans and strategies.

a. Marketing Goals: Make a marketing plan plan before continuing your marketing plan. The plan could be this.

first Annual growth rate of at least 15%.

Strategic alliances with health clubs, local athletic organizations and retailers

. Become a market leader in adventurous travel in California within 3 years

4. In the first year, you generate $ 500,000 in sales and increase sales by 10% per year

. Maintaining a 20% gross profit margin

b. Marketing Strategies: To achieve this goal, the strategies must be the way it is. Target Marketing: Developing plans for couples and 25-35-year-olds who live in marriage and household income in excess of $ 60,000. Secure corporate accounts targeting local businesses.

c. Brand Recognition: Enhance brand awareness with print and electronic advertising campaigns and local radio shows. Use alliances for promotions and performances. Take advantage of network benefits by participating in trade shows and publications.

d. Services: Passport Assistance. Increase customer reliability and satisfaction. Carry out a 10k race, a 5k race and a mountain bike race. Award winners for the winners. It also gets the attention of the media.

e. Online marketing: Create a web site and inform people of the availability of vehicles. Leave it online to book. List various promotional plans on your site. Start a blog and start writing about your achievements and goals. Let people feel special about the service Hire an SEO expert and tell him to optimize your site for low competitors for location-based keywords.

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