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You can not capture the beauty of Cape Town in words or photos. Just take a look at magic.

Long, long ago, when Dias traveled to the sea to explore the new countries, Cape was called the "chief of storms." Cape Town has a very interesting weather pattern. It is usually warm and sunny, but when the Suidoos (the local name of the very strong southeastern wind) begins to blow, you have to stick to everything you own.

Table Mountain is the best example of this unpredictable weather. The one minute is open and beautiful, and the next misty clouds come in. Within a few minutes, a white tabletop rests on the top of the mountain.

But no matter how bad the weather is, there is always something to do. It is a great capital city, on the other side is the valley bordered by the mountain and the ever-changing ocean.

VICTORIA AND ALFRED WATERFRONT (V & A): It is very commercialized and expensive, but overall. The vibrant atmosphere and energy are addictive. The aquarium is worth a look. If you have children, it is compulsory. There is a tactile area for many marine plants that can be touched to get a picture of the textures. In the feeding times, sharks can have lunch. Great restaurants and cafes can be found for the hungry. You can buy auto shops in design stores until it falls.

MOUNTAIN AND HUMAN CITY: The lift offers a unique experience with rooftop floors and magnificent views to the mountain's rising and slope. Phone in advance or check the website when the lift is going up. Not always open. The weather may vary for a second from the high to the foggy and cloudy. At the top of a restaurant and shop with great views.

Cape Town is full of historic buildings that deserve the view and are great for the pictures. In the famous Castle of Hűvösvár you can find examples of beautiful antique furniture. You can also experience the dark vaults where prisoners were kept. It's terribly cold, dark and small. You can organize a guided tour of the castle and get all the information about Jan van Riebeeck, Van der Stel, Lady Anne Barnard and all those who took part in the early years of Cape.

There are several historic church buildings. On a Sunday or Saturday afternoon, take a city around the city to visit these buildings. In normal working hours, the streets are too busy to find parking.

KIRSTENBOSCH BOTANIC CITIES: Do not miss this. He could float all day and still did not see everything. Only native African plants are found, such as Protea, Fynbos, etc. We climb up for a while, but it's quite steep and we have no idea how long it will take. I would not suggest this, unless you have all the information on hiking on top of the mountain.

Weather can change very fast, and it's dangerous when it's somewhere in the mountain. On Sunday afternoon (late afternoon) you can enjoy musical concerts in summer. You have a nice restaurant or bring your own picnic basket. There are plenty of places for a picnic.

MALAY FOURTH The old Malay quarter, or so-called Bo-coat today, is worth a look. It's basically in the city. Drive to Green Point on Wale Street. The area has been updated in many places and property prices have risen steeply. Conveniently located and has a great atmosphere. The houses are painted with light colors and are solemn. The streets are still cobbled and narrow. On the top of Cape Town is a spectacular sight.

CAPE POINT: Unlike some beliefs, here the two oceans do not meet. The actual meeting point is Agulhas. Never Cape Cape is an incredible experience. Last time we left, the Chapman Peak was closed for the fall of the rocks and we started off at Kommetjie and Scarborough. The whole area is a nature reserve. There are currently 2 200 different plant species, as well as many smaller animals. You know the fun is the point or the walk. It's a bit steep to climb but can not. The view is absolutely amazing. Stop on the Dias cross in the reserve. It's a big stone head that mentions his results.


The history of the farm dates back to 1685 when Cape Cape's first governor, Simon van der Stel, was an agricultural pilot farm. Van der Stel called the farm called "Constantia", and vegetables and fruits were called the Cape. In the cellars you can get award-winning red and white wines. Tasting and purchasing daily wine tours and wines.


Clifton is not about the awesome heights and narrow roads. The houses seem to be glued to the rocks. They park on the roof or they see it. Any builder who can build a house here will reward you. The majority of houses consist of several mansions like houses and a few million dollars. Clifton is particularly famous for its beaches, but the water is still cold as other Cape Water. Small rock gardens are great for kids to play, and of course not so cold. Unfortunately, this is also an ideal place for a coastal party, and some of these may be very dirty.

CHAPMAN PEAK: The view is worth paying R22 toll on this route. You do not have to go back the same way. From Noordhoek you can take you back to Cape Town on Muizenberg Road. From the Gulf of Hout, go back between Landudno and Camps Bay, which is the other beautiful coastal road.

KALK BAY: A tiny little place, a few miles from the city. The shopping experience is in a very different form than in V & A. Here you will find unique, small arty shops, all of which have their own character and style. If you are looking for something decent, away from mass production, you have to visit the main street of Kalk Bay. Cairo and Papagayo stand out, but they all stand out. The shops were so beautifully decorated and painted in vibrant colors. There are also fine art galleries, theaters and restaurants.


Instead of climbing to the lift, head to the right and drive the Signal Mountain. Nice sunset.

CENTURY CITY: Century City is a little far from the city near Milnerton. This is a beautiful center for every business you can think of. Fewer designers like V & A and of course not so expensive. The MTN Science Center is a hit for children. You can buy a family ticket and spend it all day. You get a stamp on your hand and you can move and get it as you like. Make sure you are participating in the "camera obscura" session. It works with mirrors, and though it's visible inside the building, you can see the reflection of moving cars, the movement of water in the canals, and anything that happens outside. The other shopping malls are like movies, eating places, many chain stores, and so on. …..


Sit out with a beautiful view of the beaches of Camps Bay and a very busy and interesting street running by the sea. You will see something from Ferrari's ranking to the "Gedaan" taxi, a cruise ship bus to an old beetle. The menu includes seafood, noodles and some grilled meats such as burgers, lamb chops, steaks, etc. It offers fine cocktails and wines. Excellent service.


Beautiful floor-facing hall for sloping dining with spectacular decorations. It opens at 12 o'clock. If you are too hungry, wait for the open area. Get a box of real fish and chips and rebel.

FARMSTALL, NOORDHOEK On the other side of Chapman Peak, Noordhoek. Farmstall offers all the traditional South African cakes and cakes, such as fried potatoes and cream.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and just a few exciting places. Discover and enjoy Dias with every new discovery.

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