Top Water Vacation Ideas

Did you know that one day on the beach can have a positive impact on your emotions? Or that you can observe even a relaxing beach scene? Perhaps this is why many people are taken away by water, like the ocean, the lake, or the river.

Where would you like to spend your next "water vacation"?

On an island

There are so many island villages on the island where fantastic beaches await you for relaxation as well as great diving, snorkeling and swimming.

Hawaii Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai. But if you go to Hawaii and want to try something new, what about St. John, the smallest with the American Virgin Islands? St. John was chosen as one of the most important "Caribbean, Bermuda and Bahamas" by Travel + Leisure in 2006, and one of Conde's "Nast Traveler" readers selected one of "Top 10 Caribbean / Atlantic Islands" in 2006 , and in 2005 Caribbean Travel & Life readers voted "All-Around Destination".

The St. John's climate is fantastic, from the low 80s to the winter during the low- summer of the nineties. The accommodation options range from beach resorts (Caneel Bay Resort) to reasonably modest inns with seaside sailors. One of these modestly priced inns is The Inn at Tamarind Court. With 20 seats, 14 bathrooms, The Inn at Tarmarind Court starts at $ 110-120 a double room in the off-season, $ 148 in winter. You can reach them at 800 / 221-1637.

Camping on the Beach

Want a great view but do not want to spend big bucks to get it? Let's see the campsite on the beach, like a tent or an RV. Like the islands, there are plenty of great beach camping sites to choose from. Three of them can be:

Henderson Beach State Park, Destin, Florida: Henderson Beach State Park is named one of the Top 15 Scenic Views in ReserveAmerica. Tent and RV Campers here enjoy over 6,000 feet of natural scenic coastline, sugar-white sandy beaches and emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Live Forest Oceanside RV and Camping – Vancouver Island, Canada: RV West Magazine's Readers of Living Forest Oceanside RV & Campground have chosen their favorite privately owned RV parks and camps. The Living Forest in Nanaimo is located on 53 hectares of clean, wooded land on the peninsula where the Nanaimo River joins the ocean. Campers here will enjoy water on the three sides of the park and choose sunny locations, river sites, ocean areas or secluded forests.

New Brighton State Beach – Capitola, California: New Brighton State Beach is one of California's most popular beach beaches and one of Frommer's "Most Beautiful Campgrounds". Located on the shores of Santa Cruz, on the 93 acre park south of Santa Cruz, in Capitola, overlooking the Monterey Bay. New Brighton State Beach is also popular for family-oriented campsites, which is located on high-rise, bluish-looking bluffs above the Pacific Ocean.

River rafting

Whether you are loosely on the river or as an enthusiastic whitewater rafting trip, rafting vacations can be whatever you want. If rafting is your passion, why not try the canyon of Youghiogheny, which passes through Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania? Not only will you experience intense whitewater rafting, but you can also experience the Ohiopyle State Park on Woodall's Camping Life list of "Top 10 State Parks".

Whichever one you choose, make sure that the rafting experience matches the river class. If you have never taken part in rafting, you may want to start a lower class and visit the guides.

It's usually a couple of hours away, so a great weekend getaway is not far away. But if you plan on a longer holiday at lake side, with spectacular views, why not consider Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan is one of North America's five largest lakes and distinguishes itself as the only Great Lakes that are entirely located in the United States. Lake Michigan is bordered by Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan, but here are the Michigan coasts where the most beautiful ones are. Black and white sand is often referred to as "singing sand" because it is a distinctive choking noise when someone crosses. This is due to the high quartz content of the sand.

Whichever water selection you choose, the point is to relax and rejuvenate. This means that your laptop's home and mobile phones are not available. The world can wait until you enjoy the water and the view.

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