Top Vacation Spots in Italy

What you feel is that the highest resorts in Italy depend on what you are looking for during a holiday. Various attractions and different roads are available for you in each region of the country. It is worth to visit the cities of Rome, Florence or Venice or prefer to have a place where you can enjoy the sun on a sandy beach.

The Acosta Valley is a region where the Alps are full of splendor. Surrounded by the highest peaks and a spectacular national park, Gran Paridisio, where all kinds of animals and birds, such as the ibex, the tail and the eagles can be seen. In the capital of the region, Acosta, there are traces of early stages of Roman history near the walls near Augustus Arch and the Pretorian Gate. The Roman cathedral dates back to medieval times. Take a cruise to the fortified castles in the valley, some of which include local historical museums. In winter, this area is the country's first ski area.

In the Piedmont region, time is needed in Turin and Susa. The Turin Royal Weapon is one of the richest in Europe and the Egyptian Museum is the second most important museum in the outside world of Cairo. See the works of Renaissance painters in Vercelli at the Burgundy Museum. This area is part of the Leopontine Alps, where you can climb and ski.

Alto Adige is the Italian region where you can actually visit more castles than anywhere else in the country. Some of these castles have been transformed into hotels that will give you a holiday. If you like walking, then there will be heaven in this region, where there are many natural walks.

Milan is a city in Lombardy. This area is the cradle of Romanian architecture and every city has exciting architectural styles. Here you will find the magnificent palaces and cathedrals built under the Italian Renaissance. You can not miss the opportunity to visit the stunning Cathedral of Milan, which is actually an example of Gothic architecture.

If ancient history is what you want, you should go to Sardinia Island for the best holiday experience. Here you can find traces of ancient cultures and the most beautiful seaside landscapes in the Mediterranean. Visit the graves of the Giants, the witches' houses, and see the nuragues of the early inhabitants of the rocks. Sit on the beach, work on your pet and enjoy the countryside.

Sicily has chosen one of the best Italian holiday destinations. This island is the largest in the Mediterranean and offers you many landscapes to enjoy the mountain peaks, the hills, sandy beaches and plains of the plains. Consider the most active volcano in Europe when you visit Etna and see the coming of the Hellenistic era in ruins and archaeological expulsions. The majestic monuments in the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento certainly have to be a station on the route.

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