Top Five Travel Nursing Firms

Agencies help hospitals put their positions in the scene. Finding customers that best suits your needs is as easy as an internet search. Placement companies often not only talk about how they pay when they go, but also to accommodation and other needs. There are several agencies available and finding the right solution is a priority.


Head of leading nursing staff, RNNetwork staff, is one of the industry's most effective packages. From the first day, free PPO provides medical care, a free dental plan, free life insurance and professional liability insurance. Paid packages are designed to make sure you keep the most money and take advantage of travel and reimbursement of your licenses. With 401K bonuses, bonuses and other benefits it is difficult to find a better agency. Free accredited education is provided through accredited providers. All luxurious apartments are all provided, many with full facilities, such as a gym or pool. They are the industry leader for benefits and compensation and are easy to understand why.

Millenia Medical Staffing

This company offers competitive payment rates and is one of the highest in the RN, LPN, LVN and CST workplaces. They work with the tour operator to solve any problems, including payroll, housing, or challenges that may arise during the assignment. They are also an approved federal service provider. This will allow them to be commissioned by Veteran Administration Hospitals, Military Services, Indian Healthcare Clinics and Correctional Facilities. These may be the most lucrative contracts. They offer travel, temporary, short and long term contracts for qualified applicants.

InVictus Medical Solutions

Founded in 1997, InVictus is committed to providing top-quality service. They offer computer and healthcare recruitment services. While not specializing as a travel care agency, they are very strong in the area as they have technology, medical and veterinary services. A global list of customers in the private and public markets.

Axis Healthcare

In the United States, healthcare professionals and nursing professionals offer outstanding payment positions. They strive to find the perfect travel tasks for their customers. They protect their customers and their employees. They have great reputation for caring for healthcare providers, from contract to crisis management. They offer travel deals, local, long, short term, clinical nursing or allied health services.


For two decades, Medstaff worked in the field of healthcare. With their experiences they can provide excellent healthcare contracts for healthcare professionals. They can direct their healthcare providers to provide a transition from assignment to assignment, including housing. Like other companies, they are recognized as a recognized Federal Supplier Supplier. This will allow them to give assignments to Veteran Administration Hospitals, Military Facilities, Indian Health Hospitals and Repair Institutes These are the highest rated companies in the travel care industry. Areas of Specialization to Apply Applicants for Travel, Temporary, Short and Long Term Contracts

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