Top 8 tips to write the winning description of vacation ad

The most important part of holiday advertising on different websites is the description of the property. A clear and accurate 100-word summary can tell you a wonderful story about rented apartments and lead you to a huge competitive advantage over other rentals in your area.

Selection of rental properties on the Internet is primarily based on the description of the property and the pictures inserted. While basic features are listed in photos and bulletins, the property description should strive to be the place that affects the tenant's money.

There is a difference between the description and the convenience section. The description is short in the title bar. The list of services can be long and detailed. But the description must be short, creative, and tempting. This may be the hook that causes the tenant to click the checkout button.

Here are some points to consider when describing the property:

1. The best selling points must be expressed in 100 words to capture the reader's attention within 20 seconds or less. Emphasize the small luxury items to make your property special and leave the rest of the amenities.

2nd Write as if you are talking to a man about why they can enjoy staying in the house. Use "us" more than you use "you" and "you", which makes the reader feel like you are talking directly to him. Instead, he says, "The pool is heated", you can say, "You like to swim in the heated pool."

3rd Use more words to write the reason your house is an ideal place for your prospects and not your home. Although attracting local areas may refer to the "local" section, it can not be the main target for your rental location as it is likely that other tenants will be as close as possible unless there is a clear difference there. Focus on the uniqueness.

4th Do not forget to write about the extra benefits that the property offers that other properties do not.

5th Use brief full sentences. The most appropriate way is to read aloud wherever the copy is rough or uneven. So you know how the reader sounds when you read them aloud to their partner.

6th While writing this description, do not consider avoiding a conversation that is difficult to understand or misunderstand your prospects.

7th Using the words of action in this description, you can save your word number "Relax with the morning coffee on the covered deck while counting the deer in the woods". Now the reader knows that there are wild animals, enjoying the weather outside, and having a relaxing view of the house.

8th Although the convenience section is about extras and extra sides of the house, it is important to have the first or two functions in the description of the property. You can say, "The great room allows you to cook and combine family time together" is a great option to complement the "large room with fully equipped kitchens".

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