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We have compiled the ten most popular holiday websites for Alexa traffic, reader response and expert industry analysis. While the holiday rental industry is extremely diverse among the simplest listing sites among the more robust holiday rental services, this list is designed to provide a quick look at this rapidly growing industry and provide readers with the industry's future research. Please note that this list is not in a particular order and serves as a guide only.

One of the best things to know about online vacation rental listing industry, Vacation Rentals By Owner is a huge database of private rental listings. Now the behemoth mega-company,, is thanks to this, it is one of the many real estate rental brands. While the most popular and extremely popular, the website is not a fault. A constant criticism of the listing of security and real estate legitimacy is the primary complaint against the industry leader.

2) VacationRentals

One of HomeAway's most popular spring resorts, usually puts the most important search engines to the keywords 'Holy Grail', 'holiday rental' for key search engines. Basically the same premium as Vacation Rentals By Owner, this site is a robust ad slot for each owner and asset manager.

3) CyberRentals

Why should you stop now? True, even a HomeAway spin-off. Again the same promise as CyberRentals and Vacation Rentals by Owner, CyberRentals is another opportunity for tenants to list their property and handle inventory. A clean web site that follows the same patterns and guidelines as its predecessors.

4) HomeAway

Could not we mention some of the most popular resting sites without mentioning the parent company that they own now we know it? Based on the information in the Crunch Base, "HomeAway portfolio includes, Owners and in the United States, and in the UK , HomeAway .de in Germany, and in France, at in Spain and in Brazil, in addition to the rental income potential and target-specific features, HomeAway is's Bed- and-breakfast properties that provide travelers with a different source of unique accommodation for the chains. "Whatever the future of your holiday, you can be assured that HomeAway is your headquarters.

5) AlwaysOnVacation

AlwaysOnVacation is a listing service that transfers payments to rents. Owners provide an advertising guarantee that "if you do not receive 10 times a refund for your investment during the first 12 months of the initial subscription, we will extend our 6 month free subscription!" Though thousands of lists of listing sites are listed, AlwaysOnVacation does not have much larger database records.

6) Zonder

Zonder is an interesting twist on the vacation rental industry. At the moment, with Zelda's partner, the long-term hotel and flight booking website, Zonder seems to be a solid option for renting holidaymakers. Visitors online as well as contact owners who do not offer online bookings. It will be interesting to see how long a two-tier business approach will work, as there are many arguments that it only causes confusion as the industry is popular, but now Zonder's future seems to be strong.

7) Vacation-Renter, Inc.

This small engine is called. Vacation-Renter, Inc. has overlooked the guerilla-style approach at almost all levels when attacking the holiday rental market. They are doing this by offering market-intensive websites aimed at achieving high Google rankings and international markets. While others do not have almost the underlying inventory or operating capital, they offer online bookings and live telephone booking support on their market-specific sites, and appear to have grown steadily over the past 5 years. They also offer the only industry index available for vacation rental industry insiders. Here's the boy's roots!

8) Rentalo is a popular listing page based on the ad serving system. Like the HomeAway website, the Rentalo is a simple website for advertising. They have a good reputation and are currently offering lists all over the world.

9) FlipKey

One of the most recent holiday sites on the web, FlipKey's great user interface and power is part of the Trip Advisor marketing machine. Probably one of the cleanest and most spectacular sites on the web, FlipKey hit the ground and seems to be gaining weight in the industry.

10) VacationRentals411

Some of the major websites that are currently not owned by HomeAway, VacationRentals411 is another advertising site that offers accommodation worldwide. It's not as visually appealing as the other websites mentioned, which still offers decent online support and extensive inventory. This website is a good place to look for quality holiday listings.

Although this list can not fully manage the entire holiday rental industry, this is an interesting blend of the size and type of company currently operating on today's market. Although some companies seem to have a clear advantage over the investment dollar and the sheer size, there are some quality sites that offer a different approach to selling short term rental rates. Wherever you travel, try some research on these sites and see for yourself.

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