Top 10 destinations in Central Luzon, Philippines

A quick fact about Central Luzon:

Central Luzon is a region that is known as Luzon Island, the 3rd known region in the Philippines.

In the province of Hamburg there are seven provinces: Pampanga, Tarlac, Zambales, Bataan, Aurora, Nueva Ecija and Bulacan

The region knew it was one of the country's main rice producing areas, More than eight million people live in Central Luzon

The region is extremely accessible to the nation state, with Manila on the north expressway Luzon.

An international airport, near the diosdado macapagal international airport, is Angeles City, one of the region's major cities. 19659003] Climate:

There are two seasons. The dry season lasts from October to May, while the rainy season lasts from June to September. The average temperature is 27 degrees, up to 35 degrees Celsius and at least 22 degrees Celsius in April.

Tourism in Central Luzon:

One of the country's most important tourist attractions is located in the center of Luzon.

All of them are readily accessible. Some may also be on Manila's day tour, while others require at least two days. Traveling in Central Luzon also gives you the chance to taste the famous culinary art that is often called one of the best in the country.

Here are the top 10 destinations

1 – Pinatubo volcano

Pinatubo Hill is a 1485-meter-high volcano located on the borders of three provinces: Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales. The last eruption of the volcano occurred in 1991. To see the turquoise lake you have to start three hours to reach it. It is also possible to have a sky tour if you can see the volcano more from the air.

2 – Anawang Bay

Anwangin in the Zambales province is a clean seaside bay. The best solution is to spend a night there. Camping is allowed.

3 – Subic diving

Subic is a famous dive site for wrecks. Subic was a former US naval base and easily accessible by public transport in Manila.

4- Zoobic safari

Zoobic is a subic park where you can watch exotic wildlife, tigers or crocodiles

5 – Surfing in the Balloon

If you're surfing, do not miss the Baler. This spot has huge waves, especially in monsoon.

6 – Mt. Samat

Mount Samat is a popular tour of the Bataan province for veterans, as its sanctuary remembers the soldiers who have died in the infamous Bataan death during World War II.

7 – Island Capones

The Capones Island is accessible from Pundaquit Zambales. There are two days to end the adventure.

8 – Giant Lamp Festival

This festival will be held in December in San Fernando, Pampanga. People will come up with giant lanterns throughout the city. It's a great event for photographers.

9 – Caves of Bulacan

There are many interesting caves in Bucaland, including Biak na Bato, the most famous.

10 – Warm Air Balloon Clark

Every February, Clark celebrates hot air balloons.

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