Tips for Traveling around the Fjords

Generally speaking, when traveling to Lombok, many liquids (water and juices) should be used to avoid dehydration. Be sure to drink better bottled water. Even in hotels, it is best not to drink straight from the tap. Ice in drinks is usually not a problem. Use common sense when choosing a dining place. Only in clean restaurants where you are clean and if you try to take street street streets to those who do not serve meat unless the system is already well set up.

If you use prescription drugs, you will be provided with sufficient quantities. Pharmacies (apothecaries) often meet a prescription but the dose does not necessarily correspond to the dose prescribed by the doctor. Quickly arrange cuts or burns – do not endanger the infection in this heat and moisture.

You can easily exchange the most important secular currency (cash or traveler's checks) to the Rupiah in Indonesia. All hotels offer currency exchange, but at a cheaper rate. It's best to stay in the "tourist area" before you go to the south-eastern, central or east-eastern Fjords. In this area there are currency exchange or credit card payments!

In the tourist areas (Senggigi or Gili Trawangan) and in the capital, Mataram has many "authorized" currency exchange offices. If you decide to deal with a currency changer – here is some worth remembering. First of all, the price quoted on the door usually refers to amounts in the form of a $ 100 dollar – the smaller foreign currency reserves (ie USD 50) are given a less favorable interest rate. Check the conversion calculation (ask the calculator to use or take it with you) and calculate the change before leaving the window. Finally, you have to be ready to pay for your travels, you will need to show your passport for identification, and many currency changers will not accept any notes that have been damaged – or less close to the money. The official rate is published every day in every major newspaper. In addition, proportions that are too good to be true – usually take care.

We accept credit cards for better restaurants and retailers (tourist areas). But note that most retailers will give you an additional 3 to 5 percent of your account due to the privilege of using plastic. You do not have to accept this: We can not argue with the merchant, but if you want to get this surcharge, make sure that the retailer or the restaurant pays for the use of the card and then ask for it for monthly invoicing.

Most major hotels and restaurants automatically add 5-10 percent service fees to your account, which is enough. Smaller restaurants generally do not add any extra, but considering that the waiter's salary will be far less than $ 1.00 per day – the 5-10 percent peak is highly appreciated. Bellmen usually get Rp. 500 – Rp.1,000 for small to medium sized luggage and with regular bicycles to the nearest Rp. 500 or Rp. 1000 depending on the length of the trip. With tour guides, banging is up to you – just remember that the driver is likely to get commissions from whatever he buys during the day.

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