Time travel theory – is there time to travel is possible?

Time travel is possible? The problem of time travel is the "Time travel paradox" that goes this way. Suppose a person travels prematurely and interrupts the relationship in the era that led to the traveler's birth. This problem was generally mapped to the question. What happened if you killed your grandma before he started catching? (Why not say the paradox of time travel in killing her own mother? I'm not sure, but not). If you kill your grandmother, you will not be born. If you were not born, you can not go to the past, in which case you will not kill your grandmother. If you did not travel to kill your grandmother in time, did you get married and go back to the past to kill your grandmother with me so far?

Physics laws allow time travel. Many physicists think that some kind of coercion is needed, which makes time travel impossible.

Albert Einstein thought that time travel is a very distinct possibility. His idea was that theoretically we were closer to the speed of light (186,000 miles per second), the more time it would slow us down than someone who did not move. The slowdown of time was called thanks to the duration of movement.

Einstein showed an example of the effects of time shift, called "two paradoxes". The paradox basically claims to have two twin. One twin travels to a remote location at the speed of light while the other two are on the ground. The twin who traveled time slowed while the time remained constant for the sister left on the ground. The twins are no longer of the same age. The twin paradox and time dilation actually support the theory of time travel in the future.

The twin paradox theory was verified in an experiment in 1971. This time, during the experiment, he used two atomic clocks that started reading exactly at the same time. One hour was placed on a jet that traveled 600 millimeters in the world, while the other atomic clock remained constant. When the jet started, the clock around the world was about a few billion seconds behind.

So what about the time in the past? The basic functions of quantum theory really allow time travel to the past and that paradoxes raised by the equations of Einstein's relativity theory never play a role. The theory is that quantum objects share their existence in multiple component waves that pass through space time in a separate space. Quantum theory allows time travel, because there is nothing to stop waves retreat in time. If you travel by the time of quantum mechanics, you only see events that match the world left behind.

Time travel is an interesting theory that says the least. I leave this idea on time travel. If one day someone knocks at the door and tells you they have a remote relay, you should think twice before closing the door.

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