Thinking about buying a Condo Hotel? Here are 20 things you need to know!

first What is a condo hotel or condotel?

Think of a condo hotel (sometimes referred to as condotel or hotel condo) like a condominium condo, though one that is part of a four star caliber hotel. Therefore, as a landlord, if you are on vacation, you can enjoy more four-star services and comfort than a typical condominium.

2nd What services and services do you find in the apartment hotels?

If you can imagine the beauty you find in a prestigious hotel, then you can look at a hotel. Amenities include pool resorts, full-service spas, modern fitness centers, fine restaurants, concierge services and room service.

At some venues such as Las Vegas, you will find your own casinos, retail outlets and entertainment venues. In places like Orlando, you can find self-catering hotels with their own water parks and congress facilities.

3rd What's the difference between the condominium and the traditional condominium?

The big difference between a hotel and a condominium is typically one of the owners, whether individual or corporate, but a condominium hotel is provided per unit. Therefore, a 300-room family house would have 300 beds.

4th Are guests in the hotel aware that they are in a condominium or a traditional hotel?

The hotel's guests will probably never know that there are more owners in the hotel because the property works like a traditional hotel and often works like Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood, Trump or W. Individual residences all of them will look the same in appearance and design as others, just like in a traditional hotel. [19659002] 5. Usually selling people who are looking for a vacation, but do not want to deal with problems with second home ownership such as maintaining the property or leasing tenants in off season.

19659002] 6. What is the demographic value of a buyer of a typical housing estate?

The buyer's housing spectrum is broad enough. There are families who want a second home at a holiday destination. There are baby boomers who are retiring or approaching and want somewhere "in the winter". There are also many investors who buy the hotel unit with little intention; they are about potential real estate appreciation.

7th Can you live in a hotel?

Condo hotels are generally not offered as primary residence. In fact, many of them limit the use of a unit owner to a condo hotel (typically 30 to 60 days a year) as the unit is expected and required in a hotel night rental program where they can offer guests and generate revenue [19659002] 8. Who will receive the money when they rent a condominium hotel?

The hotel management company shares the rent with the owner of the individual condominium. While the exact percentages change with real property, the typical rental share is in the 50% -50% range

. Who can find the hotel's guests and then clean up and maintain the hotel units of the apartments?

The hotel management company sells properties and books to hotel guests. It also maintains the unit and ensures the smooth operation of all hotel facilities and amenities

10. What are the advantages / disadvantages of buying a condotel when purchasing typical rental housing?

The benefits include:

· disruption-free ownership; no rent

· Lease revenue to offset some or all of your property expense

· Fantastic holiday home whenever you want

· Investing in real estate when other investments seem less attractive [19659002] · Huge Valuation probability

· The pride of ownership – "My property is a Trump"

The disadvantages include:

· Annual cash flow may be equal to or less than the annual cost of ownership [19659002] · Pets are generally not welcome.

· The owner's accommodation can be rented if the owner so wishes, so prior reservations are required to ensure availability. in a market that affects all hotels on the competitive market: hurricanes, terrorist threats, warm winter in the north, gas prices, etc., all of which can affect the utilization of the units and the amount of revenue they generate.

eleventh Is it not easy to finance hotel units in apartment houses?

Not at all, but typically takes 20%, while self-supply can be purchased with less cash. It is also important to use a mortgage lender who has succeeded in conducting home finance transactions. Many banks still do not make them, but more and more people are involved as hotels are getting more and more accessible.

12th How long are hotels around and where are they located?

Condo hotels have been around for decades, but the huge wave of four-star and five-star hotels started in the country around 2000 around the Miami area. Miami-Fort Lauderdale is still the most populated hotels, but areas such as Orlando and Las Vegas are developing hotel properties at an even faster rate and are likely to surpass South Florida soon. Other emerging areas are places such as the Bahamas, Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada and Dubai.

13th How much are the accommodation units of the units?

It's like asking about how much a car would cost. There are different quality hotels. Some people require more money than others, obviously. [Therearecheapcondohotelsoutthereforaslittleas$100000EzeketjellemzőenazokatulajdonságoktaláljákmegamelyekhasználatukatátalakítottákmárlétezőszállodábólAszállodaszobatermelésűnemrendelkezikkonyhávalluxusfranchise-kelésmáselsőosztályúkényelmieszközökkel[19659002] Then there are four stars or more properties, which start with a $ 300 000 and 400 000 range, but all the way up to 800 000 dollars a stúdióegységért. One- and two-bedroom units spend considerably more than in a studio. Of course, the studios are fully furnished and ready and will be considerably larger than a typical hotel room and can appeal to their guests by the names of St. Regis, Ritz or W.

14th What is the typical maintenance cost?

On average, $ 1.00 and $ 1.50 per square foot, but the province may exceed $ 2.00 square kilometers in the most elegant properties. Are you buying condos hotel units after being built or buying condominiums under preparation?

Unless you are in a hurry to start your holiday, or you have to do a 1031 exchange program, it is best to get a home for hotels as pre-construction as soon as possible. At this point, the prices are the lowest and the unit is the largest. You will probably be waiting two years or more before you close and enjoy the hotel unit of your suite, but it's in the price and you'll enjoy the maximum recognition

. Is there anything else that investors want to know about condotels?

You need more than one purchase of such property as the old term "place, place, place". While most condominiums are located in the desired resort and business premises, the most important is a good franchise with a strong booking system.

Do not worry about an aggressive rental apartment. One or the other, the real estate developer of the hotel and services, such as restaurants, bars, baths and pools, must maintain and operate staff. If he gives you a very favorable share of the rent, you are more likely to charge you a higher monthly maintenance fee. Of course, it goes in both directions. If the offered maintenance separation is closer to 50-50 then the maintenance should be more reasonable

. Any suggestion for investors to choose which condominium to buy?

Good advice. This means you do not want to rely on an on-site agent by a hotel in a condominium hotel. You want to talk to an intermediary who specializes in apartment hotels and who knows and understands the entire housing market, not just facts about one real estate. He will listen to your needs and needs and then make recommendations about which features best meet your needs. You will have the opportunity to compare the shop and consider the advantages and disadvantages of the available features.

A good broker may be the difference between a purchased condominium hotel which will be problematic and does not meet your expectations for years of great holidays, good annual revenue and significant profits for you.

18th Do you spend more on the property owner to buy the apartment as a unit?

not. Using the new housing estates, prices are always constant by the developer and are exactly the same, either directly from the real estate or by the use of the broker.

The brokerage commission is always paid by the developer, regardless of whether or not an external broker is involved in the sale. Since brokerage is freely available to buyers, there is a sense of getting help and pre-buying advice.

19th How can prospective buyers find a good condominium hotel agent?

Ask your friends for mediation recommendations, or search online at "apartment-hotel broker". Visit the website of the hotel brokers' websites to see if the information they provide seems comprehensive and unbiased. If your site seems to focus on selling your home or office space, and the information on the apartment house seems to be postponed, they make it clear. The best solution is to cooperate with a specialized hotel company.

20th How can buyers be made aware of the new housing market real estate market?

Condo hotel agents can be good sources of information as they often know the properties before they are released to the public. Another option is to subscribe to the Condo Hotel Property Alert, a Condo Hotel newsletter. We offer free of charge on our website and has a separate apartment hotel, which is available on all markets.

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