Things To Do Before Leave the Vacation

Vacation is an exciting time and you can have all sorts of last-minute problems and annoyances that can elevate you to keep you from taking care of things that you need before you leave. Unfortunately, I would remember the things he should have done later, he will not help, so here are some things to make sure you check your list before you leave:

* Locking doors and windows through the house.

* Extract most electronic articles, especially those that may be expensive or valuable information about them. These may include television, stereo and especially computers. If a storm comes out as long as you are away, these objects can be damaged beyond repair, simply plugged in to the wall outlet, so remove this option before leaving. Also, if you are using a modem, it would be a good idea to unplug the connector as it may cause damage to the telephone connection you are using.

* No need for the water heater to continue operating at a high level because it does not use the time it has vanished and therefore lowers it.

* Call and clear paper and mail until it is gone. You certainly do not want to collect newspapers and letters outside your home and send a clear signal to the intruders that your house is a simple target.

Leave a radio or something in the house that sounds and indicates someone is at home.

* Pull out the garage door so that the remote control does not work from the outside. Usually there is a lever that can be pulled by the opener that can do this easily.

* Unplug the washing machine hoses. They can break easily, and if they are away for several days, they can cause catastrophic flood damage in your home before you can do anything.

* If you are a pet owner, make sure you have an automatic dispenser and plenty of food and water if you decide not to go to the kennel or leave it with someone else. Make sure that the heating / AC system is set to keep things in the house comfortably. If you decide to leave your home at home, it's a good idea to make sure someone stops each day and check them out and spend some time with them.

There are other reminders that would be good on your remote list, but these should be a good starting point to help you watch the elements you need to be careful before going on any fun family vacation.

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