The Venice Waterway – An Unforgettable Experience of Venice Vacations

Imagine finding hundreds and seventeen small and big islands. Run, though these islands are one hundred and fifty waterways and canals. Some are big and deep, and others are not so prominent. Of course, this hundred and fifty canals have to be crossed and the city has four hundred and ninety hydrogens. Surprisingly, only three bridges connect the big canal. It is the magical charm of Venice, Italy, for memorable vacations in Venice.

It would be a tough task to calculate the area of ​​a hundred islands, but someone did. The city contains 458 square kilometers. Not bad in a small town.

The great thing about Venice's waterways is that all forms of transport parked in the city. Even when you get up, you have to park your machine on the mainland (and you pay a nice car park). Fortunately, you can walk to Venice and visit the city, as you will not only see what the guides want to see during your vacations in Venice.

The city is divided into six districts called Sestieri. Guidelines give details of each, but let me give you a brief introduction. San Marco is located in the heart of the city, and some 80% of Venice is known.

Located in the eastern part of the city, the Castello district – a large part of the house industry originates from here and remains in many places. You can walk around and pick up some good deals here while enjoying the Venetian holidays.

Dorsoduro the southern district. It is more venue and is full of shops offering craft and curiosity. As you can guess, Dorsoduro is full of visitors and certainly a place to visit.

Cannaregio – famous for its northern temples and its primary destination. It is located next to the district, Santa Croce and San Polo, with graceful and interesting memories that attract the visitor to the boat.

If there is a place in every Venice, this is San Marcos Square. Numerous Venetian hotels offer views of the square and the central location from which to embark on the wanderings in the city. An early morning walk on the square when the fog gives a surreal touch to the space, a wonderfully calm and uplifting experience that is a great charm for a Venetian vacation.

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