The unique advantages and disadvantages of traveling

One of the main goals of travel is gaining experience that enables us to become unique and evolve, and it is important for people to travel the way they best meet them at a given time. For example, I like the adventurous break, and it always contains a small group and expert guide, and I often engage in retreats around the world with like-minded people. However, for me the true joy of traveling has always been to take me and just "see" what's coming on the road. Of course, this may sometimes be full of frustrations, difficulties and dangers.

The Benefits Of Only Travelers

  • Freedom
    Most people who travel alone travel generally as freedom as the most motivating factor: freedom to be content, go where they want, whimsically change their plans when they hear something that is "compulsory" and spontaneous inviting locals .
  • No compromise
    This is related to the previous point. Even if you travel with another person, be your friend, colleague, lover or spouse, there will always be some compromise. Not everyone has the same interest or the same energy level, some people must always support emotionally, others are apathetic, some are different in time. There is no difference in pressure between financial affairs, the unexplained need to equalize restaurant accounts or criminal offenses when you want to go for a while.
  • Meetings
    Traveling does not mean you're always alone. In fact, it allows you to meet more people because other tourists and locals are easier to approach individual travelers than in a tightly-knit group. Additionally, group people have little or no connection with others. I met more people, more interesting conversations and invitations, long-term friends, while I ate alone in foreign restaurants or sat alone in the bar. But then I'm pretty good. Travel alone lets you pick the people you want to spend time and not face the inevitable clowns and buddies daily-day annoyances in any big group.
  • discoveries
    There is a real sense of discovery on your journey on your own and involves self-discovery. You do not have to rely on an often misguided guide to lead you on a leash and there is the surprise and excitement when you find something I did not expect as when I was lost and a small Bavarian village with a monastery containing a library with tens of thousands of medieval manuscripts . Travel alone will allow you to learn more about yourself while overcoming the simple challenges, such as a bus or boat shortage, and realizes that there are no other days or weeks. Then there is the feeling that we have to deal with a lot more challenging issues than at midnight when they are lost in a weird city or celebrating money on the weekend, they do not see the ATM and the banks shut down.

Disadvantages of Only Travelers [19659003] One addendum
For those who like to stay in decent hotels, there is an unfair one-off supplement that can increase the cost of travel for thousands.

  • Lack of help
    No one can look at your luggage while you go to the airports or at the rail stations, nobody helps the permanent attack, no one will be there for you or if you are a certain man on the street.
  • Photos
    There are occasions when I want to buy more places in some places, but there are always people who are willing to take one or two for you.
  • I know the future will be time when traveling as part of a group without a choice because I want to visit areas where only a woman is not possible or reasonable or because I want to be with a family or like-minded people. However, thanks to my special personality traits I prefer to travel alone. I think it does not matter how people are traveling but how they travel

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